NXT 7/29/20 Part 1 – Things Finally Looking Up for Robert Stone Brand

Wednesday nights are really great because they feature four hours of wrestling, and it's usually the best four hours of the week. Unfortunately, it's still four straight hours of wrestling. Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels could only handle one hour. Nevertheless, it's time to recap NXT because Jude Terror is the true iron man of wrestling.

The official logo for NXT.
The official logo for NXT.

NXT 7/29/2020 Part 1

NXT opens with a Danzig music video, and then Io Shirai comes to the ring. She's attacked at the top of the stage by Dakota Kai. Tegan Nox and Candice LeRae come out and get involved in this brawl, which evolves into a match.

Tegan Nox and Io Shirai vs. Dakota Kai and Candice LeRae

Nox and LeRea start things off with a contest of wrestling prowess. LeRae quickly becomes frustrated with that and starts punching Nox. It's all LeRea until Shirai and Kai tag in. These girls hate each other, and it gets nasty right away. Kai ends up with the upper hand, and she and LeRea put the beat down on the champ for a while. But Shirai doesn't need to make a hot tag to get out of this. She turns the tables on Kai and works her arms, getting the Lotus Lock. LeRae breaks that up, and Nox throws her out of the ring. Nox tags in, but they get their wires crossed and end up getting beat up at ringside, which is the perfect time for a commercial break.

LeRae and Nox are on the mat and crawling for their partners when the break ends. Shirai comes in hot and takes out Kai with some shoulder tackles and a handspring dropkick. LeRae tries to get involved, but Shirai knocks her to the floor and hits a springboard dropkick on Kai. Kai avoids a tiger diver but gets hit with a German suplex. Shirai goes up top, but Kai stops her. Kai wants a superplex, but Shirai blocks that, pushing Kai into the tree of woe. Shirai hits a double stomp, but Kai kicks out at two. Kai tags LeRea, who immediately gets hit with a 619. Shirai hits a missile dropkick on LeRea, then the bullet train, then a dive onto Kai on the outside. Tegan Nox hits Shiniest Wizzard on LeRea, and Shirai hits the moonsault for the pinfall.

Winners: Io Shirai and Tegan Nox

Good opening match. Better, I dare say, than Dynamite's opener was tonight, and that's unusual. Tom Phillips plays a video about the nonsense with Adam Cole on the Pat McAffe show. This has been an obvious work from the get-go, but there's some people getting worked out there. NXT goes to commercials.

We see some tweets from Johnny Gargano and Roderick Strong that happened this week, resulting in a grudge match happening tonight. Gargano comes out tot the ring first, then Strong.

Johnny Gargano vs. Roderick Strong – NXT Grudge Match

They lock up to start and struggle for wrestling dominance. Strong gets the better of Gargano at first, but then Gargano gets his time on top. Since mat wrestling didn't prove anything, they trade some fast-paced reversal sequences. Still nothing, so Gargano pulls strong outside and wrenches his arm onto the ground so NXT can take a commercial break.

Strong is whopping Gargano's ass when NXT comes back. Gargano goes for a comeback, but Strong catches a One Final Beat attempt and turns it into a backbreaker. They fight onto the turnbuckles. Gargano hits a jumping flatliner off the ropes. He works on Strong's arm, which has been his focus all match. He reverses an Olympic Slam into an arm drag and locks on a submission, but Strong rolls him over into a pin attempt. Strong goes for the Stronghold, but Gargano kicks his way out – strong hits a double ground kick to the face. They exchange strikes. The fight spills outside, and Gargano rams Strong into everything at ringside. He tosses him back in and hits the One Final Beat. That's good enough for the pinfall.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

It was a good match. Johnny Gargano just does nothing for me.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Dakota Kai backstage. She wants to know why Kai walked out on LeRae after the match. Kai says she's not a team player anymore. She just wants to win the championship. She declares herself the number one contender. Rhea Ripley appears and disagree. Io Shirai is hers, and she'll go through Kai if she has to. Kai goes to talk to William Regal.

McKenzie talks to Timothy Thatcher, who's facing Finn Balor and Dexter Lumis in a triple threat match tonight to qualify for the North American Championship match. He talks some trash about Balor and Lumis. Lumis is seen lurking in the background. Undisputed Era congregates backstage. Kyle O'Reilly gives them a pep talk about getting back on track after all the losses they've taken lately. Shotzi Blackheart drives to the ring. Mercedes Martinez follows, with Aliyah and Robert Stone in tow.

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Mercedes Martinez

Blackheart goes right after Martinez, but Martinez tosses her over the top rope. Blackheart gets caught up in a yelling match with Robert Stong, and Martinez hits her from behind, then drops her face-first on the ring apron. Martinez rolls Blackheart back in and does some ground and pound. She tries for a fisherman's suplex, but Blackheart rolls her up for a two count. Blackheart hits a dropkick, sending Martinez into the corner. She tries for a running knee, but Martines lifts her onto the turnbuckle. Blackheart hits a sunset flip powerbomb and gets two on a pin. She hits a bulldog and some punches and kicks, then a senton on top of Martinez on the ropes.

Now that Blackheart has had some time to shine, it's about time to do the job. Martinez catches Blackheart with a spinebuster and hits some more mounted punches. Blackheart runs up into the corner, but Martinez follows and hits some clubbing blows to the back, then a release German Suplex off the top turnbuckle. Martinez hits an Air Raid Crash and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez

NXT goes to commercials. Then we see a video for Ridge Holland, who is apparently coming for the North American Championship next week. We'll pick this up in part two of our WWE NXT report.


This post is part of a multi-part series: Wednesday Night Wars 7/29/2020.

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