Primal: Adult Swim's Spear/Fang "Kill Count"; Tartakovsky on Season 3

With fans of Adult Swim's Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal having had had a few weeks in order to process the end of Spear (Aaron LaPlante) and Fang's journey (for now?), thoughts turn to if there will be a third season and what direction that might go in. Genndy Tartakovsky has already shared some thoughts on the future of the franchise, but before we get to that? Here's a look back at some major kills from the series, courtesy of our main pair.

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So for a chance to see just how much ass-whoop Spear and Fang opened up on their enemies, check out the compilation video below (followed by Tartakovsky's thought on a new direction for the third season):

By the time the end credits rolled on "Echoes of Eternity," Spear ends up dying in battle, but not before impregnating Mira (Laëtitia Eïdo). Flash ahead years later, and we meet an older Mira, Fang, and Mira & Spear's teenage daughter (Lilah Tartakovsky) riding one of Fang's kids. So it looks like the series will be focusing on the family or Mira & Spear's daughter, right? Well, let's just say Tartakovsky has an idea of where he sees their story going. "I see it ending. [laughs] I don't want to do this story further. I feel like this season, we've done it all, in a way. I want it to almost become an anthology show, where season 3 would still be called 'Primal,' but with a different subheading. Low-dialogue, high-emotion, survival, rawness, visual storytelling: All that stuff, but with different characters," the series creator shared during an interview with EW, though he's not entirely opposed to revisiting them. "There's more things I want to do with 'Primal,' not necessarily Spear and Fang. Maybe if there's a giant outcry, we'll continue the story with his daughter and Mira and the dinosaurs. I'd have to really think about it."

As for what's in Tartakovsky's future, it looks like two projects before "starting development" on a third season. "I have an idea that I'm really excited about, one idea that's rising to the top," he teased. "After doing five seasons of 'Samurai Jack,' two seasons of 'Primal,' all the 'Clone Wars' that we did, I've done so much battles and action. If I was going to do it again, what would I do? How can I make it interesting to me and the audience so it's not just a repeat of what I've done? That's why I was so excited about 'Primal.' I haven't done caveman-style fighting. He's got no skills, it's just rawness. To choreograph fights like that was really fun. Pushing it into a season 3 of Primal, if it gets there, what's different? What can I do that I haven't done?

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