Puppet History, The Try Guys & More: 5 YouTube Channels for TV Fans

Often not many of us think of YouTube as a source of entertainment in the same way we conventionally look at television, but that's changing. The creative outlet that is YouTube is allowing creators to grow an audience and make content for a variety of interests and topics. In this quick list, the popularity of some of these channels outweighs the others, but they provide a starting point for exploration to find your next favorite piece of visual intrigue. So feel free to start here and expand your entertainment horizons.

The Try Guys key art (Image: Amazon Prime)
The Try Guys key art (Image: Amazon Prime)

First on the list is for those who love the show Drunk History on Comedy Central. The absurdity combined with historical facts given at the same time is what makes Puppet History your next binge-watch on the YouTube channel Watcher .

It's always a blast watching any show involving food, but it's made even better when someone goes through a menu before you have to. If you're a fan of the popular show, Man vs. Food, there's a series by the YouTube channel, The Try Guys, that has their friend Keith exploring the entirety of fast food menus. Both delicious and concerning the topic of calories, it has more comedic bits to add to its menu than Man vs Food.

The personalities that appear on Ru Paul's Drag Race are so fun to watch and often not followed after the show ends. For those wishing to see more on people in drag, sharing stories or answering questions, look to Trixie Mattel and Katya for some hilarious and comforting moments involving all that and more. The channel, WOWPresents, the series is on also provides looks at Ru Paul's Drag Race as well.

Learning more about the people around us and what they may experience, or what we don't know about them, can be hard to deal with. One show that recently was on Netflix, Love on the Spectrum, explored the lives of individuals with autism who were venturing into the difficult world of dating. A lot of people may have fallen in love with the show and wanted to see more but couldn't. Luckily, the world of YouTube has many individuals discussing their lives, specifically living with autism in a world making it harder for them to do so. One specific channel, Rebranding Autism,  that follows the life of Jen Msumba, seeks to demystify autism and have real insight into it all.

Not many personalities click on-screen (whether in character or not) like they did on the show Parks and Recreation. Sometimes though a set of entertainers come along that could possibly fill that comedy-centered hole in life. Specifically, I'm referring to the lifelong best friends who made an absurd YouTube channel filled with games, testing out products, and interacting with the audience. This channel is Good Mythical Morningand it offers the comedic charm and heart found in sitcoms like Parks and Recreation.

Hope you found a possible place to begin in your journey through YouTube, let us know what some of your favorite channels are in the comments below!

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