Renee Young Shoots Cookbook Pics; Baron Corbin Ghosted by Spectrum

Another day, another example of unfairness in the pro wrestling industry. Once again, WWE star Renee Young is seen to be living a charmed life while fellow cooking aficionado Baron Corbin is disrespected not only by his peers in the wrestling industry but by the entire world.

Baron Corbin is WWE's hottest heel and the Ratings King of Friday Nights
Baron Corbin is WWE's hottest heel and the Ratings King of Friday Nights. He's also quite the cook.

I've long pointed out the discrepancy in how King Corbin is treated for his cooking tweets and how Renee Young is treated. Young frequently receives the adulation of fans and colleagues whenever she talks about cooking something, with wrestlers from across the industry in various promotions complement Young's cooking and request dinner invitations. However, I've yet to see a single wrestler respond to one of Corbin's tweets about cooking steaks on the stove or in his Green Egg smoker.

Now, Young has taken to Instagram to reveal she's finished a photoshoot for the cover of her upcoming cookbook. "Ummmmmmm i shot pictures for the cover of a cookbook that I wrote with my own little hands and brain," Young posted. "What the what?!? I had the best time today! We hauled ass today and couldn't have had a better crew on hand to make it all come together! Can't wait to share with you guys!!"

Meanwhile, despite being The Ratings King of Friday Nights, Baron Corbin can't even get a cable installer to show up for an appointment. On Twitter, Corbin complained, "Hey @GetSpectrum my appointment was 6-7 and it's almost 9 and nothing. No call, no show? The king needs his internet. Bad business!"

Will Baron Corbin ever receive the respect he deserves for being both a bonafide ratings draw and a master chef? The way things are going, it seems not, but The Chadster is firmly in King Corbin's corner and rooting for him every day.

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