Rick and Morty: 5 Disturbing Moments We're Trying Hard to Get Past

With Dan Harmon & Justin Roiland's Rick and Morty heading into its final two episodes of the sixth season (with the promo for S06E09 "A Rick in King Mortur's Mort" awaiting you below), we've been rewatching the previous five seasons to get a better appreciation for how the show has evolved. In fact, it would safe to say that Season 6 is two quality episodes away from being the best season so far (high praise for a series with excellent seasons). While running our rewatch, we realized that the animated series has a lot of truly disturbing, disgusting & cringe-worthy moments that stick with us no matter how many times we've seen it. And we mean that in the nicest way possible because it's one of the show's many facets that we love. But since we had the time, we wanted to pass along the five biggest scenes that still leave us feeling a certain way. And that would be in a bad way… but in a very good way.

Rick and Morty
RICK AND MORTY (Image: Adult Swim Screencap)

Now here's a look at the countdown of our Top 5 truly disturbing moments from the Emmy Award-winning animated series Rick and Morty and its nearly six-season run (including episode info as well as director/writer)

(5) Season 2 Episode 3 "Auto Erotic Assimilation" (Bryan Newton/Ryan Ridley): During that heartbreaking scene at the end when Rick goes through his version of heartbreak and Chaos Chaos "Can You Feel It?" is playing, there's a moment where Rick comes this close "suicide-by-experiment-gone-wrong" only for Fate to step in with a save at the end. For some reason, that moment causes this uneasy feeling inside, a reminder of how easily shit can change in a heartbeat,

(4) Season 4 Episode 1 "Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat" (Erica Hayes/Mike McMahan): When it comes to things entering eyes, ears, or nose, that's one sure way to get me to turn away from the screen. So when Wasp Rick stings now god-like Virtual Rick to take him down, you can imagine the phantom pains I still feel in my watery eye whenever that scene goes down.

(3) Season 4 Episode 4 "Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim's Morty" (Anthony Chun/Jeff Loveness): I wrote about this in length previously, but Talking Cat creeps me out in some very old-school ways. First, there's the fact that the story is left dangling with no answers or resolutions (and based on what Loveness has said in the past, that won't be changing anytime soon). And then there are those sounds we hear from what Rick and Jerry are seeing as they look into Talking Cat's mind. We never see anything, but their reactions and those faint sounds combine to force our brains to consider some pretty horrific scenarios.

(2) Season 2 Episode 10 "The Wedding Squanchers" (Wes Archer/Tom Kauffman): Maybe it was Rick trying desperately to get them off the planet once he realizes that everything there is "on the cob." Or maybe it was how being "on the cob" stopped being cute when we saw more things "on the cob." Trick question because it was actually both, along with our brains creating images of what being on a planet that's "on the cob" would end up doing to them. Truly creepy stuff.

(1) Season 6 Episode 1 "Solaricks" (Jacob Hair/Albro Lundy): Mr. Frundles is the most horrifying creation ever unleashed by Harmon & Roiland's team. Where to begin? It's the creepy eyes and the way they infect everything around it. It's the fact that it literally infects everything. It's how the entire planet becomes this "living planet" with one of the creepiest faces we've ever seen. And then… there's that voice. And how much deeper and disgustingly awful it gets as it grows. That final noise/scream it makes just before Rick & the family consider fighting is haunting. I wish I were making this up, but it creeped me out even grabbing screencaps from the scene.

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