Rick's Memory Is Still The Only Place I Can Find Szechuan Dipping Sauce

In the opening episode of Rick and Morty's third season, crazy genius scientist Rick Sanchez reveals his whole hunt and reason for existence is to get his hands on a promotional McDonald's dipping sauce they launched to celebrate Disney movie Mulan in 1998. A goal that matters so much to him that he creates an elaborate mental simulacrum to revel in his love for that Mulan McNugget Dipping Sauce.

Rick's Memory Is Still The Only Place I Can Find Szechuan Dipping Sauce

Well, after the episode, McDonald's sent a vat of the stuff to the show creators. And this Saturday was the chance for the general public to get a taste of this apparently wonderful, magical condiment.

For a mere two hours from 2 p.m. on Saturday October 7th, McDonald's made the dipping sauce available again to help with advertising their new Buttermilk Chicken Tenders. So of course, this intrepid reporter (and fat bastard) just had to try and get in on the action.

Well, it seems the marketing plan was a success and Rick and Morty has an incredible amount of love and fans, as approaching the nearest McDonald's to me taking part in the promotion in Times Square, I discovered that eager Rick and Morty fans lining around the block for the chance to get a single packet of the Szechuan Dipping Sauce.

Yes, it was limited to one pack per person. And yes, the line stretched down the block and around the corner by the time I got there — over an hour before they would make the sauce available.

I am sad to report that like Rick, I have been foiled in my character arc, in my singular mission to get my hands on that dipping sauce. And sadly, I don't have nine seasons and access to infinite realities to try and get it. That sweet, spicy Mulan-advertising special sauce is forever out of my reach.

But how about you? Did you make it to New York Comic Con and manage to get your hands on some of the sauce? Let us know all about it!

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