Riddle is Sad and 4 More Takeaways From Last Night's WWE Raw

Nothing nearly as exciting as last week — when Sasha Banks and Naomi had enough of WWE's crappy creative and walked out — happened on Raw this week, but somehow we still found five things to talk about. Here's five takeaways from last night's WWE Raw.

Riddle cuts a promo on WWE Raw

Cody Rhodes Can't Get a Clean Win Over The Miz?

Cody Rhodes faced The Miz on WWE Raw last night, in the Miz's words because his neck tattoo sucks and he has too much pyro. Considering Rhodes has beat Seth Rollins twice, you might be inclined to think he's somehow managed to avoid the wishy-washy 50/50 booking mentality of WWE, but as it turns out, he couldn't even get a clean win over The Miz as the match ended in DQ when Rollins attacked. Not a great sign, but we'll have to see what happens at Hell in a Cell.

Too Much of an Okay Thing with Ezekiel

The Ezekiel gimmick is mildly entertaining against all odds, but in typical WWE fashion, they're rehashing the same thing week after week and it's starting to wear thin. Ezekiel beat Chad Cable in a meaningless match on WWE Raw last night, but at least Kevin Owens finally challenged him to a match at Hell in a Cell afterward. Hopefully, Ezekiel can move on to something new after that (though it's WWE, so he'll probably face Owens at five more PPVs before that happens).

Riddle Gets Serious

Riddle was very sad about losing the the Tag Championship unification match to the Usos on Smackdown, and without Randy Orton, he had to cut a serious promo alone on WWE Raw last night… and it went pretty well! The crowd was certainly into it, or at least the piped-in crowd noise was. You can't really tell anymore. In any case, well done to him. Riddle expressed his love for his bro Randy Orton, which is going to make it all the more heartbreaking when Orton finally stabs him in the back and hits him with the RKO. The promo was easily the best segment on WWE Raw (though the match was forgettable).

Corey Graves: Corporate Stooge

Once again, Corey Graves was used as the corporate puppet to badmouth Sasha Banks and Naomi for daring to stand up for themselves. Graves commented on the walkout while Nikki Ash made her way to the ring to face Alexa Bliss, implying that Banks and Naomi "disappointed the WWE universe" and screwed over Nikki and Doudrop. Not as badly as lsing a 2-minute Divas style squash match to Alexa, we'd counter. In any case, Corey Graves is a shill with no integrity who ought to be ashamed of himself, and if the WWE Universe should be disappointed in anyone, it's him.

Revenge of the 50/50 Booking

Speaking of that Sasha and Naomi situation, WWE is going to make damn sure they never make the mistake of letting any talent feel like they can survive without the company again. With that in mind, Asuka lost to Becky Lynch in the main event, ensuring the principle of 50/50 booking is adhered to. And since Bianca Belair will likely win the triple threat at Hell in a Cell, Asuka will face her in a non-title match next week so she can get a win over Belair and everyone can have the exact same number of wins and no one looks like (gods forbid) a star.

Did we miss anything important? Are we already stretching the definition of "important" when applying to WWE Raw? Let us know in the comments. Or don't. We don't really care.

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