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Roman Reigns Tells The Rock & John Cena To Not Quit Their Day Jobs

Smackdown star and WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has had something of a career renaissance over the past year after finally turning heel and leaning into the unsavory persona that fans have always projected onto him.  Reigns's skills were never in question, but fans were simply sick and tired of being force-fed their next hero as Vince McMahon would assure them he was listening and just waiting for someone to "grab the brass ring", all while fans had loudly chosen such stars as CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, and others to zero sustained success.

The company seems to have found a happy medium here by pushing Roman Reigns to the moon, but as a heel that fans can appropriately dump on and Reigns can actually sink his teeth into a legitimate character for once.  He has been a truly dominant and appropriate champion during this run, which has led fans to think up dream matches where "The Head of the Table" would face WWE's former superhero, John Cena, or even his cousin, The Rock.  Reigns has clearly heard this talk and has now responded.

Roman Reigns Tells The Rock And John Cena To Not Quit Their Day Jobs
Roman Reigns and The Rock at the 2015 Royal Rumble, courtesy of WWE.

Appearing on ESPN's SportsNation today, Roman Reigns was asked about a potential match-up with the two current Hollywood stars and former WWE superstars.

"Yeah, that's like a dream for a lot of our fans, but it ain't a dream for his, you know what I mean?  I get a lot of this with both Dwayne and John Cena as well. These guys are doing very well for themselves, there's no question about it.

If I were these guys, I don't know if I'd wanna come back and deal with me. I am a problem right now for everybody. If I were them, I would stay on set and keep pumping out these streaming service movies. Don't come to my ring…is what I would do."

Alright so clearly something is in the works here, as WWE will be live in front of actual people again starting with the July 16 episode of Smackdown, which will of course be a massive night for WWE and it's been heavily rumored that Cena will make his long-awaited WWE return that night, with Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer even saying they've been in talks.

These rumors also include talk of Cena being involved in August's Summerslam event in Las Vegas, where if he needed a big-name opponent to headline the event, who would be bigger than Roman Reigns?

As for The Rock, let's look a little further down the road.  The Wrestling Observer has stated that WWE is keen to bring in The Rock for this year's Survivor Series and again, Roman Reigns is the name that could match up with The Rock to sell tickets to the event that is rumored to be happening in New York.  Also of note, this year's Survivor Series will be the 25th anniversary of the debut of a happy young Rocky Maivia, aka The Rock, at the 1996 Survivor Series at Madison Square Garden.  So you could see why "The Great One" might be ready to throw on some boots at the event.

While nothing is certain, it certainly seems like WWE might have some big things up their sleeves for the rest of the year in hopes of welcoming fans back to live events and even more hopefully raising their dismal tv ratings as of late.  Nothing drives numbers in wrestling like star power!

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