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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Ru-Watch: It's All Coming Back To Me Now

I'll admit: I've seen all the seasons of RuPaul's Drag Race before…except for season 10. I missed it when it was on live and haven't been able to find it anywhere streaming since – until now! Watching this season, it has a bunch of queens I know and love already, and this fills in so many blanks between seasons 9 and 11, but also in the inside jokes of the show. I mean, I knew Miss Vanjie from season 11, but I didn't really know the full depths of the meme… until now!

Aquaria does remind me a lot of Gigi Goode – or, I should say Gigi reminds me a lot of Aquaria and I understand now a lot of the pushback against Gigi on season 12. I was a little bummed to see her take the title, but after those final lip syncs, I have no qualms about her winning, even though I was all for Kameron Michaels all the way to the end.

Drag Race s10: It's All Coming Back To Me Now (Image: VH1)
RuPaul's Drag Race s10: It's All Coming Back To Me Now (Image: VH1)

Speaking of queens who remind me of other queens, the family resemblance is strong with Bob The Drag Queen and Monet X Change – they both serve similar styles, complete with being totally hilarious.

Speaking of young boy scouts – I mean, fashion queens – this is Blair St. Claire's original season, and everyone being gagged at her on All Stars 5 makes so much more sense now. It was nice to see where she came from, because watching this back now I know where she's going as an artist, and it brings it all full circle in the best way.

I just love all of this – it feels like Drag Race has somehow hit its stride again and also grown into itself by having on a whole generation of new queens who were raised on Drag Race and got into drag because of the show. We also have Instagram queens, like Kalorie Karbdashian Williams, who represent a whole new subset of drag within the "glamazon" RuPaul drag-style the show typically showcases.

Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Miz Cracker – yes, just like the snack and the racial slur. She was a delight this season as was Asia O'Hara and Kameron Michaels. Oh, you thought I wasn't going to mention my local Nashville queen? Girl. She came to slay, just like Eureka did now that she's back with a bionic knee!

The Cher musical this season was life, as were all the challenges. I mean, how do you keep a show still feeling fresh and new (but not too far outside the box) after a decade's worth of the same thing? I still don't know the exact answer because I can't put my finger on it, but Drag Race managed to do it- however they did it.

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