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Ryan Reynolds Offers Rob McElhenney "Titanic" Birthday Tribute (VIDEO)

Ryan Reynolds had a "Titanic" birthday message for friend & fellow Wrexham AFC co-chair Rob McElhenney. Here's how you can help celebrate...

Article Summary

  • Ryan Reynolds delivers a "Titanic" themed birthday tribute to Rob McElhenney.
  • Wrexham AFC, led by Reynolds & McElhenney, secures another season promotion.
  • A humorous birthday sketch of McElhenney, mimicking "Titanic," is now merchandise.
  • Chris Pratt featured in a past birthday stunt, revealing a park named after Reynolds.

It was back in October when Rob McElhenney (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) enlisted Chris Pratt (yup, Garfield dude), the Unofficial Department of Parks & Wrex, and the Wrexham County Borough Council to present his friend & Wrexham AFC co-chair Ryan Reynolds with the "Ryan Rodney Reynolds Memorial Park" in honor of Reynolds' birthday – an escalation of the McElhenney/Reynolds birthday battle. Well, it's six months later – and guess who has a birthday on April 14th? Yup, it's McElhenney's special day – and even though it's not his birthday here in the U.S., Reynolds decided to utilize "Wrexham time" to share his "present" with McElhenney – and for good reason. With a 6-0 win over Forest Green Rovers on Saturday, Reynolds & McElhenney's Wrexham AFC Red Dragon officially qualified for another promotion. For the second time in two years, the Welsh soccer club continues to impress on & off the field – and will now compete in League One next season (the third-highest league in England). With McElhenney sharing his birthday weekend with some amazing news for their soccer team, Reynolds had the perfect set-up he needed – if only the Titanic also sank on the same day as McElhenney's birthday. Oh, wait… it did!

ryan reynolds
Image: Ryan Reynolds YouTube Channel Screencap

Sporting his Deadpool costume, Reynolds explains how, in honor of McElhenney's birthday and the anniversary of the Titanic sinking, they sent an expedition to the wreck to recover a few bottles of Wrexham Lager for an "epic birthday toast." While no bottles were found, what was recovered was a sketch of someone who looks eerily like McElhenney – sketched like one of Jack's "French girls" from the James Cameron film. But it didn't end there – because if you head to VistaPrint's special Wrexham site, you can show your love for "the heart of our Wrexham AFC family" by purchasing the artwork on t-shirts, mugs, bags, and more. And that's still not all – check out the video above and find out where the original artwork will be on permanent display.

Rob McElhenney Enlists Chris Pratt for Ryan Reynolds Birthday Present

In an intro to the birthday video that went live back in October 2023, McElhenney explains to Pratt that Reynolds is getting something far more than "just" a present this year. In coordination with the Unofficial Department of Parks & Wrex (yup, Pratt got the reason he was called) and the Wrexham County Borough Council, the soon-to-be-renamed Ryan Rodney Reynolds Memorial Park will be a community space located in the heart of Wrexham that will include open green spaces, pop-up restaurants, screenings… and actual "green lanterns." And just so there's no confusion? This is completely legit – there's even a website where you can check out what's planned, get your hands on some merch, find out how you can support the project, and more. Here's a look at Pratt & McElhenney offering the details – and make sure to stay through to the very end, when Pratt asks the question that was on everyone's minds):

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