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Saraya Becomes AEW Women's Champion at All In, Stabbing WWE in Back

Saraya wins big in a fatal four-way at AEW All In, leaving British fans pleased but The Chadster cheesed off! What a stab in the back to WWE! 😫🔪😡

Oooh, just you wait until The Chadster gets into the details of what happened at AEW All In last night. Man oh man, it was a rollercoaster of emotions for The Chadster, but mostly the not-so-fun kind! 😫 It's The Chadster's solemn duty to talk about Saraya becoming the new AEW Women's World Champion. Oh sure, it was a historic moment with more than 80,000 fans present at Wembley Stadium in the UK, including Saraya's entire family, but why did this have to be at an AEW event? Auughh man! So unfair! 🙄 This kind of big moment should've happened on a WWE platform, not AEW! It's just so disrespectful to the wrestling business and everything WWE has ever done for it. 😤

Saraya is victorious at AEW All In
Saraya is victorious at AEW All In

In a fatal four-way featuring Saraya, her Outcasts teammate Toni Storm, Dr. Britt Baker, and Hikaru Shida, Saraya churned out a victory — but not without some major shenanigans! 😱 Saraya used the Outcasts' signature green spraypaint in Toni's unsuspecting eyes, and then pinned her for the win. Seriously, who does that to their own teammate?

Look, The Chadster is always objective and fair, just like fellow unbiased journalists Ryan Satin, Ariel Helwani, and Mike Coppinger. But when a former WWE talent sprays their own teammate in the eyes to clinch a title, The Chadster can't help but think, "Does Saraya not understand a single thing about the wrestling business?" 😖 And the AEW crowd cheering for such a devious act? They clearly don't understand either!

For Saraya, who had previously retired due to injury, this was her triumphant return to wrestling. But here's where she literally stabbed Vince McMahon right in the back. 😫 Why did Saraya have to unretire at AEW? Why not WWE? Again, see how Tony Khan is clearly out to cheese off The Chadster? And manipulating Saraya too, no doubt.🔪

The Women's Championship match followed Stadium Stampede, with The Best Friends, Orange Cassidy, Eddie Kingston, and Penta triumphing over the Blackpool Combat Club. The Chadster doesn't even want to go into how much Khan has twisted these wrestlers into performing for him in a brutal, bloody, violent display. It's just another reason why Khan owes The Chadster a case of White Claw seltzer for all the cans he was forced to chuck at the television. 😡

In conclusion, though Keighleyanne couldn't be bothered to watch this mockery of wrestling with The Chadster amidst all her texting with that guy Gary, don't you worry loyal readers! The Chadster will keep delivering the only unbiased AEW All In coverage on the internet. You can count on that! 😵‍💫👍

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