Sasha & Bianca Could Not Get It Together to Win at Elimination Chamber

At Elimination Chamber, the Women's Tag Team Championship followed hot on the heels of Bobby Lashley's upset by Matt Riddle for the United States belt. Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax entered the ring as the current title holders, clearly still upset at their previous loss against their opponents, Sasha Banks and Royal Rumble winner Bianca Belair.

Sasha & Bianca Could Not Get It Together to Win at Elimination Chamber
Elimination Chamber Graphic. Credit: WWE

Jax and Bianca started the match center ring, sizing each other up with smack talk and inconsequential blows before Sasha entered the ring and upped the momentum. It was clear the Belair and Banks were still learning their tag-team style, with lots of miscommunication causing tags that were not the most strategic. On the other hand, Jax managed to get her partner in at the most opportune times and vice versa. The two current reigning tag team champions used every tag in to assault their opponent, with Banks taking the worst of it early on in the match.

It was clear that Baszler had a methodical pace, using more of her time in the ring to twist and contort Banks into different disastrous holds, particularly focusing on her left arm. Banks got some separation from Baszler but was quickly robbed of any momentum by a clothesline. Once Nia was tagged in, she showed a similar strategy as her partner and focused a punishing assault on Banks by holding her in painful holds and keeping her in her corner of the ring. In Banks' favor, a crossbody earned her an attempted pin on Baszler and enough time to tag in a fresh Bianca.

Again the chaos of their tags came into play, with Bianca having to step out of the ring as Banks went for a frog splash on Baszler. Banks did tag Bianca quickly, which allowed her teammate to put a Kiss of Death on Baszler, but the tag was interrupted by Nia, who dragged the EST out of the ring. The match quickly went into a few moments of chaos as all four women tried to end any pin attempts. In the end, Banks landed a harsh meteora on Nia but was distracted by Carmela's sommelier Reginald.

Banks quickly recovered to but Nia in a Banks Statement, but her opponent was too strong and got her hands on the ropes, breaking Banks' hold on her. Reginald tried to hand Banks a bottle of champagne, but Nia utilized the temporary lack of focus and caught the Boss in a Samoan Drop. It was all the powerhouse needed, and after catching Banks by surprise, she pinned her for the three count and ended the match nearly as quickly as the Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan fight earlier in the evening. It is still unknown who Bianca will choose to go against at Wrestlemania, but with her chances for the belt being dash away on Sasha's watch, it seems their unlikely alliance may turn sour sooner rather than later.

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