Saturday Night Live: Billionaire Space Race Gets Star Trek Spoof

With Season 47 underway for NBC's Saturday Night Live, there are tons of news items to lampoon and catch up on, and among them is the billionaire space race between Elon Musk (who previously hosted, last season), Richard Branson, and Jeff Bezos. In the segment titled "Billionaire Star Trek", the skit follows the adventures of Bezos played by host Owen Wilson, who's joined by his real-life brother Luke Wilson.

Saturday Night Live: Billionaire Space Race Gets Star Trek Spoof
Heidi Gardner, Owen Wilson, and Luke Wilson in Saturday Night Live skit "Billionaire Star Trek". Image courtesy of NBC

The segment starts off as the clip introduces the latest franchise series "Star Trek: Ego Boost", the latest from Paramount+ with the voyages of the New Shepard showing off Owen in his cowboy hat while the crew plays off the frat boy vibe. Luke is playing "First Mate Jeff Bezos' Brother" Mark (whose name escapes the narrator). The science officer in yellow is "Rich Kid from the Netherlands", played by cast member Andrew Dismukes, as he does the dab. The mission specialist in red and visor cap is the 82-year old Wally Funk played by Heidi Gardner saying, who wants you to know, "I'm tired."

Saturday Night Live: Billionaire Space Race Gets Star Trek Spoof
Image courtesy of NBC.

The next scene shows Bezos' brother doing a group selfie with Jeff sprouting rabbit ears on him as the narrator continues, "Their mission is to sort of fly around in space" as we see the Wilsons doing an arm wave. The narrator also makes fun of the shape of the ship. We see Jeff make contact with Branson, played by Alex Moffat in an almost uncanny resemblance. on his Virgin spaceship. We see the usual cheap CG effects as they race. Where it gets "exciting" is when Colin Jost's Musk dares to fire upon Bezos' ship the Space X (as he laughs at his own joke).

The final shot of humor during the taped sketch offered some commentary on how Amazon treats its employees with a brief cameo by Kenan Thompson, transported upon their ship. When he asks to go to the bathroom, Jeff throws him an empty Gatorade bottle with Thompson scoffing before being transported back to earth.

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