Scrubs: Zach Braff Still Praises Brendan Fraser for His Sitcom Work

It's safe to say that Brendan Fraser has always been one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood. His time working with Fraser still resonates with Scrubs star Zach Braff, back from when The Whale and Doom Patrol star appeared on NBC and Bill Lawrence's series in 2002 and 2004 as Ben Sullivan. He appeared in three episodes during the first and third seasons before his character passed away from leukemia. While promoting his upcoming film A Good Person, Braff spoke to Entertainment Weekly, discussing their time together on the set of the medical dramedy that ran for nine seasons (from 2001-2010).

Scrubs: Zach Braff Still Sings Praises for Brendan Fraser Years Later
Brendan Fraser in Scrubs. Image courtesy of ABC

Brendan Fraser's Appearances on 'Scrubs'

"I got goosebumps when you asked me about him. I have such a warm place in my heart for that man. I loved spending time with him," Braff said. Ben was the brother of Jordan (Christa Miller) and Dani (Tara Reid), along with the brother-in-law of Braff's character's (JD) mentor, Dr. Perry Cox (John C McGinley). "I think [Brendan's] episode arc of Scrubs is probably the most talked about in nine seasons of the show. People loved his character, people root for him. They just love the man, and they love the actor." As far as A24's The Whale generating serious award buzz, Braff is as supportive as ever. "I'm just so happy for him. You honestly couldn't meet a nicer person. He's just the sweetest. I haven't even seen all the movies [this year], but I hope he wins." For more, including how Braff and Fraser's shared love for photography via Poloroid and how it influences Braff's new film, check out the complete interview here. MGM's A Good Person, which stars Florence Pugh, Morgan Freeman, and Molly Shannon, comes to theaters on March 24, 2023. DC's Doom Patrol streams Thursdays on HBO Max.

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