Shannara Chronicles Season 2: Where Might The Journey Take Us?

And I'm going to wrap up Speculation Sunday with a look at The Shannara Chronicles. The second season also hit it's second episode this week, running parallel with the Arrowverse. That's interesting in that it features 3 Arrowverse actors – Manu Bennett who plays Slade Wilson, Malese Jow who played Linda Park / Dr. Light on the Flash and Austin Butler who played Chase, Thea's boyfriend on Season 3 of Arrow.

Shannara Chronicles

The first season of the series introduced us to Wil Ohmsford, Amberle Elessedil, Eretria, Bandon and Allanon. It was also an adaptation of the Elfstones of Shannara, the second novel in the Shannara series by Terry Brooks. When it came to season two, they had a problem. The next book in the series, The Wishsong of Shannara, which focuses on Jair and Brin Ohmsford, the children of Wil and Eretria. If they were to adapt that novel now, then they'd have to have a whole new cast other than Allanon who doesn't age like a human. The writers, with Brook's blessing, instead decided to tell what happened to everyone shortly after they saved the world. Hence, there's no knowing what will happen by reading the books anymore… other than at some point in the future Wil and Eretria have kids.

Unlike the Arrowverse were they have 23 episodes (17 for Legends of Tomorrow), The Shannara Chronicles only has 10 in their season, meaning that they have to either tell smaller stories or tell them very quickly. They seem to have gone for the very quickly approach. The new season has a lot going on with Bandon full embracing the dark-side and trying to resurrect the Warlock Lord… which is much easier to say than the Dagda Mor from season one. There is also a group of rogue Elves called the Crimson lead by the magically immune General Riga who are hunting down magic users. And there is Queen Tamlin who is trying to use these threats to get her daughter Lyria onto the Elf throne as King Ander's wife. Interestingly she was trying to set up an alliance with Ander prior to Garet Jax bringing Lyria back. At the moment the Crimson have capture Allanon, and Wil needs Allanon to help save his Uncle Flick from Bandon. And we learned Ander has traitors in his midst.

Looking at what might happen, lets start with Mareth, the woman who thinks she's Allanon's daughter. She claims to be his daughter from Pyria Elessedil, a romantic relationship that was added to the series that is not part of the books. Allanon's response to the idea of having a daughter is that it's not possible. I have a feeling he's telling the truth and she's not his daughter. Whether she knows it or not, that's another story. That would also make her a descendant of the throne as she would be Anders' cousin. That seems like too big of a change to make and I think it would be more interesting if she was a Trojan Horse plot wise.

I would expect that Tamlin has a lot more in mind then just getting her daughter to marry Ander. Since he has no children, nor siblings… if anything were to happen to him, she might end up taking over Arborlon, especially if she was able to give him an heir. Expanding Tamlin's influence and power.

The most interesting thing about the new season is Bandon. He was a character created for the television series. He was part of the story, but not in such a way that he seemed crucial to be added. Which makes me wonder if the second season was planned out before the first season was written. His importance in this season clearly justifies his creation. He's another character that anything could happen with and I think likely will. It wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't become the physical manifestation of the Warlock Lord. Either way, I expect that they will have to deal with the two threats for a while, but once the Warlock Lord is resurrected, he will become the main focus and the Crimson will drift to the back if they're not already dealt with.

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