Agents of SHIELD Season 5, Episode 5 Recap: Rewind

This article contains spoilers for the Marvel's Agents of SHIELD season five episode 'Rewind'.


As the title might suggest, this episode rewinds back to the day that the agents (except for Leo Fitz) were taken from the diner and sent into the future. The only difference this time is that we hear Fitz telling Jemma Simmons that it's all his fault and that he wants to take responsibility. He tries to carry the burden of what Aida did in the Framework on his own shoulders. I think this dialogue was added to remind us of his mindset at the end of last season since we've spent four episodes without him now.

After the abduction, he is taken by the military and spends months trying to find the cause of his friends disappearance. Other than his research, his only communication with the outside world is a series of letters he sent to the editor of a football magazine (English, not American), that turned out to have coded messages in them. This action leads to Fitz's lawyer making a surprise visit in the form of disavowed agent Lance Hunter. He called in some favors and helps Fitz escape. The interaction between the two is a lot of fun to watch, especially Hunter trying to grill Fitz about his time with Aida and making a bunch of computer-related sexual innuendos… like anyone would do.

They use street cam footage around the diner to follow the van, even though the logo kept changing, and they are able to track down Enoch, the alien from the season premiere. As it turns out, he isn't a bad guy —  and the white obelisk was a sentient Kree chronicon that usually just observes happenings on the Earth, but decided to use a loophole to send the Agents to the future to prevent an extinction-level event. We then meet Robin, the daughter of Charles Hinton (the Inhuman that could see people's deaths), and she is a seer. She knew that Fitz was not supposed to go to the future with the others. But that he would find a different way there to 'save them'.

Enoch has a way for Fitz to meet up with his friends, a cryo-freeze pod that will allow him to sleep for seven decades and wake up just when needed. But Fitz and Hunter have to break back into the government facility to obtain the pod. This is where the ferrets came in. Fitz is then set to chill and woken up at the right time on Enoch's ship and given the outfit we saw him in at the end of the previous episode.

This brings us back to the demonstration that Quake has to give of her powers and why Fitz says it should be to the death. I think he did it so that she would fight and win, but then refuse to kill her opponent, making her less valuable to bidders. Who wants the Destroyer of Worlds if she won't kill? In that case, Fitz may be able to buy her. This shows Fitz's confidence in Daisy's abilities and her character.

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