Slow Horses Update: Gary Oldman Now Filming Season 3; Season 4 Next

Gary Oldman was on the Kermode and Mayo Uncut podcast this week talking about Slow Horses and his movie Nil by Mouth and continued to praise Mick Herron's books which are now a hit series on Apple TV+, just in time for season two to premiere today.

Slow Horses: Gary Oldman and Kristin Scott Thomas Preview Spy Series
"Slow Horses" image: Apple TV

As you probably already know because we keep hammering on about it, Slow Horses is adapted quite faithfully from Mick Herron's Slough House novels. Jackson Lamb is the old school spy gone to pot, a slovenly, rude, corpulent wreck of a man overseeing a clearing house of screwups the British intelligence service doesn't want to fire but would love to see quit, which Lamb does his best to do by making their lives as miserable as possible. "Dead Lions," the second novel that's the basis for season two of Slow Horses, sees Lamb investigating the death of a retired MI5 agent who uncovered a network of Russian sleeper agents sprinkled all over London who are now reactivated to do something Very Bad Indeed. This makes Lamb and his sorry squad of spies targets for the Russian sleepers as everyone scrambles to save their own asses and prevent that Very Bad Thing from happening.

Oldman confirmed to Kermode and Mayo Uncut that he is currently filming the third season of Slow Horses, which adapts the third book in the series "Real Tigers," and production on the fourth season will commence next year, adapting the fourth book "Spook Street."

The official synopsis for "Real Tigers" reads thus: "When one of their own is kidnapped and held for ransom, the agents of Slough House must defeat the odds, overturning all expectations of their competence, to breach the top-notch security of MI5's intelligence headquarters, Regent's Park, and steal valuable intel in exchange for their comrade's safety. The kidnapping is only the tip of the iceberg; however—the agents uncover a larger web of intrigue that involves not only a group of private mercenaries but the highest authorities in the Secret Service. After years spent as the lowest on the totem pole, the Slow Horses suddenly find themselves caught in the midst of a conspiracy that threatens not only the future of Slough House but of MI5 itself." Because there's always a conspiracy that threatens not only the future of Slough House but of MI5 itself. That's how Slow Horses rolls.

It looks like the fourth season of Slow Horses will pay off some plot elements set up in season one. In adapting the fourth book "Spook Street", the plot will involve David Cartwright, played by Jonathan Pryce, Lamb's retired former boss and grandfather of River Cartwright (Jack Lowden), one of the exiles at Slough House and itinerant Jack Bauer-wannabe. The elder Cartwright slides into dementia with a head still full of secrets, while a bomb has gone off in London that throws the services into high alert, including River Cartwright and the rest of Slough House.

Oldman said he would happily continue to play Jackson Lamb for as long as they would have him. So far, there is no news of whether Slow Horses will see more seasons beyond four, but there are now eight novels in all, with more coming, and Herron hinting that Lamb might be thinking about his exit strategy from the Service in the future.

Slow Horses is streaming on Apple TV+ now.

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