SmackDown Live Opens with a Lot of Wasted Potential

Last night's SmackDown Live opened with Charlotte Flair coming out to the ring to talk about defending her title. Seems like a safe way to open the show, right?

Heck, even The Riot Squad came out, and Ruby Riot took the mic to inform the world that she was coming to take down Charlotte.

To Ruby's credit, she's great on the mic. Her heel squad is a nice addition to SD Live, even if they are exactly like Absolution. Variety is the spice of life, WWE Creative. Anyway, after some heated words from both women, The Riot Squad prepared to square up against Charlotte. While we were all ready for a 3 on 1 beat down, things turned glorious.

Even Charlotte seemed beside herself to have her Mixed Match partner come out!

Oh man, how cool does this have the potential to be? The Mixed Teams bleeding into the regular shows has a ton of potential. Bobby Roode telling The Riot Squad to shove off would have been awesome.

But instead SD Live cut to commercial.

And when they came back, The Riot Squad and Charlotte were gone from the ring. And Roode was on commentary. We got zero resolution from that promo.

What an absolutely glorious way to let down the entire audience. At this point I turned SD Live off. In the past few weeks the show has really been lacking, and tonight's episode started off on the wrong foot. While I acknowledge that RAW is the better of the two, it's almost laughable at how bad SD Live has been. And really, that's a shame.

Also, is creative forcing some romance between the Mixed Match teams? Charlotte looked beside herself (and her tweet didn't help), and even Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman have a thing going on. Is that how these are playing out? 'Cause I'm not really interested in that.

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