Snoopy Can Come Home With This Original Production Cel

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Some know them from the newspaper strip, others from the animation, and others even from simply having a Snoopy toy or stuffed animal growing up. The characters of Peanuts, especially Charlie Brown and his beagle best buddy Snoopy, are about as iconic as they come. Even just seeing the piece of art below brought the sounds of the cartoon's piano-driven theme to the forefront of my mind, along with memories of childhood that I hold dear. No matter what form you discovered these characters created by Charles Schulz in (for me, it was the 1972 feature animated film Snoopy Come Home written by original creator Schulz and directed by Bill Melendez), they have permanent spots in countless hearts. Now, you can celebrate your love for Peanuts, Schulz's creations, and the special bond between Charlie Brown and Snoopy with this special production cel from the Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show, now available for bidding over at Heritage Auctions.

Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show production cel. Credit: Heritage Auctions
Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show production cel. Credit: Heritage Auctions

Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show Charlie Brown and Snoopy Production Cel (Bill Melendez, 1983).

If there ever was a Peanuts cel that should be called "A Boy and his Dog," this is the one! Outstanding hand-painted production cel setup of Charlie Brown with the dog leash, and Snoopy on top his doghouse. This is a great two-cel setup. The cels are on a print background for presentation purposes. What a classic image! Great image sizes of 3" and 4". Minor handling, edge wear and tape on border, otherwise Very Good condition.

You can head over to Heritage Auctions right now to bid for this bit of lovely nostalgia. Charlie Brown and Snoopy are characters that will be with us forever, and now you can own this piece of their history. Best of luck to everyone heading over and attempting to make this piece yours!

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