Star Trek: Dave Bautista Wouldn't Mind A Little Klingon In His Future

It's safe to say that Dave Bautista is at the very least the second most successful professional wrestler-turned-actor after Dwayne Johnson especially with the high-profile work he's achieved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Bond film Spectre (2015), and Blade Runner 2049 (2017). He's certainly not slowing down anytime soon with Warner Bros' upcoming Dune. Yes, I would argue that it's superior to John Cena definitely much more so than Hulk Hogan. Bautista recently threw himself out there for another franchise he wouldn't mind sinking his teeth into with Star Trek.

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The pitch began when Bautista responded to an inquiry if he would ever make a film with Johnson and Cena, saying "Nah I'm good." The original tweet response showed a collage of his roles including from the aforementioned films writing, "I figured a visual reference might help. I'd just prefer not to be lumped in. Nothing personal. #DreamChaser" Jay Stobie, who has written for, proposed in response, "I'm telling you man, would love to see you add Star Trek to your already incredibly diverse credits. Hope to see that one day!"

Star Trek: Dave Bautista Wouldn't Mind A Little Klingon In His Future
Dave Bautista
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Bautista responded to Stobie, "Likewise. I was born to be a Klingon. Just sayin." Ironically enough, one of Johnson's earliest roles was as Seven of Nine's (Jeri Ryan) alien sparring partner on Star Trek: Voyager. As for Bautista, he would certainly be a welcome presence on the Paramount+ Trek shows like Discovery or the upcoming Strange New Worlds. If he were to be on Discovery, he would definitely work as a leader or perhaps become the second major Klingon Starfleet officer after Michael Dorn's Worf. On Strange New Worlds, I could see him become a primary antagonist for Pike (Anson Mount). The possibilities are endless.

[Ed. Note: We're thinking Worf's knife-wielding, badass, Ted Cruz-hating long-lost brother "Worftista."]

Bautista can be seen in Netflix's Army of the Dead and the upcoming second season of AppleTV+'s See, which premieres in August 21st. He's currently filming Knives Out 2.

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