Star Trek: Prodigy: Voyager Star Robert Beltran Confirms Appearance

Looks like Kate Mulgrew won't be alone as far as Star Trek: Voyager cast appearing in the animated series Prodigy as she'll be joined by Robert Beltran, who played First Officer Chakotay on the series during its run on UPN. During the Voyager panel at the 55-Year Mission Star Trek convention, the actor made the announcement.

Star Trek: Prodigy: Voyager Star Robert Beltran Reveals Appearance
Image courtesy of Paramount+

"I'm working on this voiceover/animation thing that Kate [Mulgrew] is doing, Star Trek: Prodigy," Beltran said (via Trek Movie), but wasn't specific if he would be reprising the Voyager role for the Paramount+ series. Upon the original series reveal, ViacomCBS announced that Mulgrew would be reprising her role as Captain Kathryn Janeway, which she last played in the 2002 final Next Generation film Nemesis discovered to been promoted to admiral. It would almost be safe to assume Beltran will return in a similar capacity.

Star Trek: Prodigy: Voyager Star Robert Beltran Reveals Appearance
Image courtesy of ViacomCBS

Despite Mulgrew's return, Janeway will just be acting as the Emergency Training Hologram on the USS Protostar. Prodigy was initially announced for Nickelodeon exclusively before ViacomCBS decided to shift it to the other Star Trek series' home on its streamer Paramount+ but was granted a two-season order. There was another Voyager alumnae that made her return in Jeri Ryan reprising her role in the TNG sequel series Picard now entering its second season. She was almost joined by another in Tom Paris actor Robert Duncan McNeill, but scheduling conflicts prevented his live-action return. He did, however, have time to lend his voice to the other animated Star Trek series in Lower Decks for season two offering awkward hallucinogenic sage advice to Boimler (Jack Quaid for an upcoming appearance. Will Mulgrew and Beltran be it or do you expect more Voyager alum to show? Prodigy premieres in 2021 on Paramount+.

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