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Star Trek Voyager: Tim Russ’ Work Means Lucy in the Sky with NASA
Cmdr Tuvok's services are being asked for once again as NASA is leaning on the Star Trek: Voyager star Tim Russ as one of six citizen astronomers to help detect asteroids for the organization They contributed to the detection of Patroclus, an asteroid orbiting Jupiter, according to USA Today Russ said the purpose of detecting[...]
Star Trek: Prodigy: Voyager Star Robert Beltran Reveals Appearance
Looks like Kate Mulgrew won't be alone as far as Star Trek: Voyager cast appearing in the animated series Prodigy as she'll be joined by Robert Beltran, who played First Officer Chakotay on the series during its run on UPN During the Voyager panel at the 55-Year Mission Star Trek convention, the actor made the[...]
Star Trek: Picard Nearly Had Two Voyager Alum Join Series
They were trying to work it out so it wasn't a lot so the schedule might work, but it didn't pan out." Bonn, Germany – June 8 2019: Robert Duncan McNeill (*1964, American actor and director – Star Trek: Voyager) is happy to meet fans at FedCon 28 (Markus Wissmann / As far as Picard season[...]
Star Trek: Discovery – Paramount+ Unveils Conceptual Art of New Ships
The ship is an obvious nod to the UPN series Star Trek: Voyager celebrating the first female lead protagonist of a Star Trek series in Captain Kathryn Janeway played by Kate Mulgrew The next vessel is the U.S.S Annan, a Saturn class vessel with the designation NCC-325051, which design resembles a chakram The final ship[...]
Star Trek Announces First Contact Day with Virtual Panels, Marathon
Tompkins, the co-host of Star Trek: The Pod Directive and Star Trek: The Next Generation's Brent Spiner and Jonathan Frakes discuss how some of the hilarious B-stories from past series like Star Trek: The Next Generation paved the way for new iterations of Star Trek, including Star Trek: Lower Decks, the Star Trek franchise's first[...]
Star Trek: Voyager – Kate Mulgrew to Appear at Janeway Statue Unveil
One Starfleet captain is stepping up in Kate Mulgrew, who played Kathryn Janeway for seven seasons on Star Trek: Voyager The actress took to social media to document her own vaccination of COVID-19 at a New York facility posting on Twitter "Got my Covid-19 vaccine in the wee hours of Monday morning!" she wrote "Consider[...]
Star Trek: Voyager – Kate Mulgrew to Appear at Janeway Statue Unveil
The Janeway Collective created the bust for the franchise's first female lead when Star Trek: Voyager premiered on UPN in 1995 running for seven seasons Star Kate Mulgrew, who played the character for the duration of the series and in The Next Generation film Nemesis in 2002, made the announcement on Twitter over two tweets. Actress[...]
Seven Of Nine Gets Her Own Star Trek Voyager Comic, Seven's Reckoning
Back in July  Bleeding Cool broke the news out that IDW was to publish a Star Trek: Voyager comic book (after only having published a Mirror Universe Voyager one-shot comic before) stirring Seven Of Nine Today, they decided to make the news official with Star Trek: Voyager – Seven's Reckoning… Seven Of Nine Gets Ger Own Star[...]