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Supernatural -- "Golden Time" -- Image Number: SN1506a_0230b.jpg -- Pictured: Misha Collins as Castiel -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Immanuel has some interesting "theories" when it comes to Endometriosis and other gynecological conditions: apparently, it's what happens when you bump uglies with demons But these demons are real rascals because they also aim their tiny little pitchforks at men, causing impotence On the side, they can also screw up your credit score, bust up[...]
In April, 'One-Punch Man' Heads to Hulu for Season 2… If He Feels Like It [VIDEO]
Monsters, demons, mutants, cyborgs, martial artists, ninja, swordsmen are all nothing to him A single punch from Saitama can reduce a giant monster into bloody giblets splattered all over the streets But in a world of flashy and egomaniacal superheroes, nobody knows about Saitama, who is so egoless and low-key that he falls below everyone's[...]
'Supernatural' @ 300: Our 10 Most Beloved (and Delightfully Hated) Characters
However, before bitting the Colt's bullet, Yellow-Eyes successfully unleashed countless demons from the Gates of Hell Years after his demise, this demon continued to haunt Sam and Dean He made a lasting impression on the Winchesters and the SPN Family. Supernatural – Image: SN09_MONDO_NM_ Misha.0001 – Pictured: Misha Collins as Castiel — Credit: Nino Mu–oz /The[...]
'Supernatural' "Damaged Goods" Preview: Dean Needs Some Serious "Mom Time"
Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) have matched wits with monsters, demons, Heaven and Hell But in the show's thirteenth season, the Winchesters were thrown into a terrifying alternative universe–an apocalyptic world where they were never born, all while training Jack (Alexander Calvert), the son of Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino), and trying to save their[...]
Midnight, Texas: Why NBC's "Popcorn" Series is Resurrection-Worthy (BC Rewind)
While overcoming a series of mystifying obstacles – which includes sending a ruthless demon back to Hell – he befriends the alluring Midnighters. Here's a quick introduction: Joe (Jason Lewis) is a fallen angel who spent millennia fighting demons until he fell in love with one Chuy (Bernardo Saracino) is a rare demon who painstakingly resists his[...]
Supernatural Season 14: Looking Back on Our "Lucky 13" Episodes
Monsters, angels, demons be damned–we're on this crazy ride for the Winchesters and the family they've created over 14 seasons The road so far has been a bumpy one to say the least Stand-out seasons full of phenomenal episodes delivered cult classics The show lost its way a bit during fledgling years However, one constant remains throughout[...]
Holy Mother Forking Shirtballs! It's Our 'The Good Place' Season 2 Recap!
Head Demon Michael (Ted Danson) resets everything from the beginning and wipes their memories each time Eleanor (Kristen Bell) figures out that they're actually in the bad place, much to the chagrin of the other demons populating the town. As the heroes continue on the same Sisyphus-esque journey, the locals grow restless – especially "Real Eleanor"aka[...]