"Supernatural": Some Thoughts from Our "Golden Time" #SPNBC Takeaways

How are you holding up, SPN Family? With each passing episode, the end grows closer and our expectations rise higher. In The CW's  Supernatural's "Golden Time" we discovered how some departed friends still need saving – while others offered the key to salvation.

This episode had some wonderful character defining moments: Sam (Jared Padalecki) saves the day, Castiel (Misha Collins) hunts solo, Dean (Jensen Ackles) wallows, and Rowena (Ruth Connell) proves her love one last spell for the Winchesters. It was my pleasure to take the reigns and live tweet from @BleedingCool. In case you missed it, we have a recap…

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"Supernatural": #SPNBC Live Tweet Reactions

We don't often see Team Free Will split up like this. Whenever the boys decide to hunt solo, bad things happen. What's really upsetting about this case is that Dean is more than able to join the hunt with his brother – he just doesn't feel like it. Dean is being selfish and acting like a crappy brother, friend, and hunter. That just doesn't fly in "the family business."

However, Dean's depression allows Sam to take center stage and showcase all the skills he brings to the table on every case. We even get to see how Castiel manages to work a case on his own – he may not be a smooth as the boys, but he's come a helluva long way.

Come On Eileen

Supernatural's blast from the past features Eileen (Shoshannah Stern), a fellow hunter and Men of Letters descendant the boys encountered in Season 11. They kept in touch – Sam even improved his sign language to better communicate with his deaf colleague and friend – until she was killed by hellhounds in Season 12. That's why we disturbingly see another good soul rise from Hell. However, this ghost evades poor Kevin Tran's (Osric Chau) doomed fate.

After downer Dean's crappy plan to lock her up, Sam painstakingly returns to Rowena's home to find a better solution for Eileen's dilemma. Turns out Rowena never stopped working on a spell to bring Mary (Samantha Smith) back to life. Awww!

Supernatural – © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Sam and Eileen first need to fight off a trio of scavenger witches raiding Rowena's place for the treasures she left behind. Despite trying their best – Sam vulnerably reaches out to his brother for back-up. (More on that in a moment).

Once the witches are dealt with, Sam successfully resurrects Eileen. For the first time in a long time, I'm eager to see if Sam will be able to maintain the kind of relationship he's been trying to have from the beginning of this series. His loves never last. Given that its the final season, maybe this one finally will.

The life-saving spell is a priceless gift Rowena created for the boys and Sam's tribute to his magical teacher was touching: "I learned from the best." Sigh.

Cass On The Case

Dean's sullen stint at the bunker serves a greater purpose than we anticipated. Castiel has been working a case all by himself. He's using all the lessons he learned from the Winchester Brothers – fake bade, fake name, and a fake supervisor to cover his sorry ass in the field.

Goosebumps percolate as Dean assumes Bobby's (Jim Beaver) role and vouches for Cass. He also shows concern for his forlorn friend. Scolding him to check his messages is Dean's way of showing affection. So sweet!

Despite all the cases he's worked along side the boys, Castiel's delivery is not as smooth as he thinks. But we sure love watching him try. Besides, getting the job done is what matters most and he does that with relative ease. He even throws in an angelic save. Gotta love him!

"Supernatural": Better Together

It may have taken over a decade, but the boys finally realize they work better together. Seriously, nothing good happens when they're apart. I was so pissed at Dean for letting his brother leave without him. I know Sam had Eileen's help, but it's not the same. Plus, his solution to Eileen's problem was total BS. He needs to snap out of it and we all know there's only one thing that'll do the trick.

After kicking some witch ass and resurrecting his lady, Sam sets Dean straight. In a vulnerable plea, Sam levels with Dean and breaks our hearts in the process. "I can't do it without you. I need my brother."

In the endless Winchester cycle of sacrifice and faith, we see one brother pull the other out of darkness. Hopefully, this conversation will be the beginning of Dean's change in disposition. He needs to get his shit together an be an active member of Team Free Will.

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