The Eric Andre Show Takes Viewers Behind the Scenes of Season 5

If you're like us then you were pretty excited when news dropped that The Eric Andre Show was returning to Adult Swim for the fifth season, and to say it hasn't disappointed would be an understatement. That said, we can't say that our heart's not feeling stomped on a bit with Hannibal Burress (and his clone) quit- but other than that, the season has us forgetting that there was so much time between season 4 and 5. Before the premiere, we had heard some stories from the making of the season, like how John Cena (The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker) and a loose metal shelf contributed to Andre getting a concussion, a trip to the hospital, and "…a Fred Flintstone, like Bugs Bunny [bump] on the side" of his head. Still, the Adult Swim series has kept things pretty much quet when it comes to what really goes on behind the scenes- until now.

The Eric Andre Show offers preview images from Season 5 (Image: Adult Swim)
The Eric Andre Show offers preview images from Season 5 (Image: Adult Swim)

So for the first time in the long, storied, but shrouded history of The Eric Andre Show, those souls brave enough to click "play" on the video below will see the blood, sweat, tears (and ranch) that goes into making the magic:

Produced by Abso Lutely Productions and executive produced by Andre, Kitao Sakurai, Dan Curry, and Dave Kneebone, the fifth-season guestlist for The Eric Andre Show also includes Judy Greer, Blake Griffin, Luis Guzman, Omarion, Adam Rippon, Dermot Mulroney, Tia Carrere, Robin Givens, and Jai Rodriguez:

Now that the world is openly falling apart at the seams, there is only one Late Night talk show deranged enough to match the zeitgeist of the times! Strap in, shave your head, your ass, and the thin membrane separating your skull from your brain as Eric jam-packs each episode with tortured celebrities, ethically complex street pranks, and severely injured rappers. Hannibal Buress quits, Filipe Esparza co-hosts, Lakeith Stanfield loiters, and Hannibal's clone, Blannibal, is born.


Now's here's a look at the full schedule for the second day of Adult Swim Fest, offering a full rundown of all the music, watch parties, live performances/panels/programs, viewers giveaways, and more. Following that, we have a look at Saturday's main highlights, updated with teasers released for certain panels:

7:40 PM EST – "Lazor Wulf" (featuring a performance by J.I.D.) Panel: With Henry Bonsu, Quinta Brunson, Big E, Judnick Mayard, and moderator Trill Withers.

8:30 PM EST – "Tuca & Bertie" Panel: With series creator Lisa Hanawalt and "special guests" (Hmmm…???).

9:15 PM EST – "Rick and Morty" Global Celebration: With Dan Harmon, Chris Parnell, Sarah Chalke, and Spencer Grammar (including a fan Q&A).

11:21 PM EST: "Toonami" Special Edition: A special episode of "Toonami" Pre-Flight, with Gill and Jason featuring a Tom and Sara piece about the Playstation 5 console and Demon's Souls (along with a fan Q&A).

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