"The Midnight Gospel": "Adventure Time" Creator Pendleton Ward, Comedian Duncan Trussell Release Netflix Animated Series Teaser

Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward and comedian Duncan Trussell teamed up for some adult animated adventuring over at Netflix with The Midnight Gospel. Co-created and executive produced by Ward and Trussell, the series focuses on Clancy, a spacecaster with a malfunctioning multiverse simulator who leaves the comfort of his home to interview beings living in dying worlds.

the midnight gospel

The Midnight Gospel utilizes interview clips from Trussell's podcast, Duncan Trussell Family Hour – with Titmouse serving as the animation studio. The eight-episode animated series is set to debut on April 20 – but the streaming service is giving us a teaser look at the project, which you can check out below:

the midnight gospel

"The Midnight Gospel": "Adventure Time" Creator Pendleton Ward, Comedian Duncan Trussell Release Netflix Animated Series Teaser

The adventures of unlikely heroes Finn and Jake are far from over – they're just cutting the cord on their old lives and heading on over to HBO Max. WarnerMedia's new streaming service has given the "thumbs up" to four one-hour specials under the banner of Adventure Time: Distant Lands, with two of the specials set to premiere in 2020.

HBO Max's specials will continue the tales of Adventure Time that captured imaginations and introduced our best buds, who travel the mystical Land of Ooo with a family of colorful characters that millions of viewers have grown to love.

These four new specials will continue the Adventure Time stories that captured imaginations and introduced unlikely heroes Finn and Jake, best buds who traversed the mystical Land of Ooo and encountered its colorful inhabitants.

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Here's a look at what HBO Max has to say about the four specials:

● "BMO" follows the lovable little robot from Adventure Time. When there's a deadly space emergency in the farthest reaches of the galaxy, there's only one hero to call, and it's probably not BMO. Except that this time it is!

● "Obsidian" features Marceline & Princess Bubblegum as they journey to the imposing, beautiful Glass Kingdom—and deep into their tumultuous past—to prevent an earthshaking catastrophe.

● "Wizard City" follows Peppermint Butler, starting over at the beginning, as just another inexperienced Wizard School student. When mysterious events at the campus cast suspicion on Pep, and his checkered past, can he master the mystic arts in time to prove his innocence?

● "Together Again" brings Finn and Jake together again, to rediscover their brotherly bond and embark on the most important adventure of their lives.

"BMO" and "Obsidian" are set to premiere on the streamer in 2020, followed by "Wizard City" and "Together Again".

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