The Rookie Crew Members Test COVID Positive; S03 Production Continues

While ABC's The Rookie might be the latest television series to be hit by several positive COVID-19 tests, show producer Entertainment One is continuing on with production on the third season after a "deep cleaning" of the set and filming locations. On October 21, it was confirmed that four crew members had tested positive with a fifth "unrelated positive case" reported five days later, on October 26. The five individuals have reportedly been isolating since the positive results were revealed, and "other crew members who might have come in close contact with them have been notified."

THE ROOKIE - "Fallout" - An emergency alert of an impending missile attack sends Los Angeles into chaos and uncertainty, while the officers each try to keep the peace and deal with their own disasters on an original episode of "The Rookie," airing SUNDAY, NOV. 3 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/Mitch Haaseth) NATHAN FILLION, SARAH SHAHI
THE ROOKIE (ABC/Mitch Haaseth)

"We can confirm that four members of 'The Rookie' production crew received positive tests for COVID-19 on Wednesday of last week and an additional unrelated positive case was confirmed on Monday," said an eOne representative in a statement to Variety. "In accordance with strict third-party medical health and safety protocols, deep cleaning of work and common areas was completed, all these individuals have been self-isolating, and crew members who might have potentially been in close contact with these individuals have been identified and contacted. We have not been made aware of any further positive cases."

The reporting comes two days after The Rookie star and executive producer Nathan Fillion (Firefly) took to Instagram to both reassure and make viewers aware of what was being done to keep everyone safe on set during filming- while also asking for a little understanding from viewers if "a mask strap on the back of a head, or makeup smudged around the nose and mouth" makes it on to air:


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Right now I'm sitting at home, getting ready to go get tested for COVID-19. I was supposed to be at work, but there's been a delay in the results of our last tests, so I'd like to use this time to give you some perspective on how our show is facing the crisis. ABC has shown us a considerable amount of support, for which we are very grateful. We have raised our budget in places and reallocated where our current budget goes in order to keep everyone safe. With @alexihawley's steadfast leadership, we've implemented new departments, equipment, redundant positions in case of absences, protections for sick leave, outright tedious protocols to ensure our safety- and everyone, EVERYONE doing their part to protect the people around them. I am constantly amazed by the staff, crew, and cast of this show. I see the value they place on being in the position they are in. I see the respect and concern they show one another. I am confident when I go to work, that every person I see is doing what they can to protect the rest of us. The result is an even stronger community that I'm so very proud to be a part of. The hard work of putting a show together is only compounded by this pandemic, and I felt it important to tell you the expense, the work, and the sacrifice that this crew and cast endures in the hopes of making an hour of your life a little more joyful. Let me be clear. They are silently suffering, outwardly smiling, and completely committed to their crafts. For your part, if you notice the telltale sign of a mask strap on the back of a head, or makeup smudged around the nose and mouth, or that little mask irritation you see on the bridge of the nose, or wonder why the show seems set up slightly differently, just notice it very quietly- and remember it's just a small part of the price we are all paying. Be safe. Wash your hands. #therookieabc

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