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Penguin & Catwoman Forcibly Vaccinate World Over Pandemic (Spoilers)
And it cures the pandemic Utterly. Now… is that a villainous act? Or a heroic act? An anti-heroic act? The means justifying the ends? An authoritarian an unacceptable act in contravention of people's wishes? Super-villains are always putting poison in the water system or releasing toxic gases, what if they actually did some good instead, how[...]
Opinion: What Will Magic: The Gathering Arena Be, Post-Pandemic?
Throughout the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe, tabletop gaming companies have tried their damnedest to stay relevant in the current climate of the ever-shifting paradigm of the world Some companies, like the ever-present Games Workshop, have seen some key locations in their chain close and then open again thanks to their diligence[...]
Netflix Shares a First Look At The New Spy Thriller Red Notice
To say it was a bumpy ride, to say the least, not only as far as capturing the action sequences but also the pandemic affected production Speaking with Deadline Hollywood, the director talked about a myriad of subjects from the pitch, production, and chemistry. RED NOTICE – (L-R) RYAN REYNOLDS, GAL GADOT, and DWAYNE 'THE ROCK'[...]
I Am Legend Writer Akiva Goldsman Goes Off on Antivaxxer Hijacking
Smith himself appeared on his wife Jada Pinkett Smith's talk series Red Table Talk on Facebook Watch to emphasize practicing safety amidst the pandemic joking, "I made I Am Legend, so I feel responsible for a lot of the misinformation." Oh My God It's a movie I made that up It's Not Real. — Akiva Goldsman (@AkivaGoldsman)[...]
WWE Slambulance-Gate: Pearl-Clutching Mom Says Toy Inspires Violence
 Is this good at any time, not just after a pandemic, to advocate violence against emergency workers? It's never a good thing. Can I ask what the logic is in advertising a toy which encourages the destruction of an ambulance? (WWE Slambulance)  At a time during a pandemic when there are active campaigns to reduce violence[...]
Z-Man Games' Board Game Pandemic Coming To Board Game Arena
Very soon, Board Game Arena's interface is going to be even sicker, but that's a positive! They'll soon be adding the classic board game Pandemic by Z-Man Games to their roster, with a whole slew of modes (including Solo Mode), and little if any deviation from the tabletop version of the board game. An example of[...]
The Food Network & Guy Fieri Won't Part Flavorful Ways Anytime Soon
After the challenges of the pandemic made it clear that restaurants would succumb to incredible struggles alongside the necessary lockdowns and quarantines, Fieri made it his mission to work on that frontier while remote work was occurring Although he had an extensive collection with Discovery+, Fieri worked on a recent 3 year deal with Food[...]
The move came after production took a pandemic break and several episodes were filming in Maher's backyard This week's Real Time with Bill Maher guests were set to include astrophysicist with the American Museum of Natural History and host of the StarTalk podcast Neil deGrasse Tyson, World Was Z author Max Brooks; and Dan Carlin,[...]
Theater Chain Stocks Get a Boost from a Solid WW84 Box Office Release
Editorial credit: Holly Guerrio / Here are the problems: Many states have poor distribution systems that have made it incredibly hard to find a vaccine appointment. We are about to go from trying to vaccinate 20% of the population to the entire population. Signup systems are hard to navigate and can't respond to the huge demand placed on[...]
South Park's Vaccine Special Ups The Dose Of Shock This Month
The premiere of the South ParQ Vaccination Special on Comedy Central took a look at the current pandemic in a light that only this series can do Through a system of plot points that seem more insane as the moments go on, this hour-long special actually managed to show a reality beyond the absurdity[...]
American football arena. Mixed media (Signed property release on file with Shutterstock, Inc.)
The NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL all had to deal with their bouts with the COVID pandemic exacerbating the zaniness considering you had groups of position players, coaches, and staff becoming infected at different times Those who are found to be around those who later discovered infected are quarantined as per contact tracing protocol The[...]
Staged Returns to a Different World, a Different Mood
Nobody watched it because nobody wanted to watch a show about people dealing with the pandemic Everyone is having an awful time being stuck in their homes and worrying about COVID and doesn't need to be reminded of that It had that Hollywood flaw of desperately trying to be likable, wanting to be loved, which[...]
Big Sky: The Problems with Bad Pandemic Writing Are All Too Clear Here
It was a few references sprinkled throughout the show however that really bugged me, and their inclusion is a head-scratcher: they refer to the pandemic multiple times. BIG SKY (ABC/Darko Sikman) JOHN CARROLL LYNCH, RYAN PHILLIPPE You Can't Half-Ass The Pandemic, "Big Sky" Multiple times, the characters refer to the pandemic or businesses that had to shut down[...]
Wonder Woman 1984 to Hit Theaters and HBO Max on December 25th
As the pandemic continues to decimate revenue for cinemas, Warner Bros decided to do what only a few studios decided on: compromising on a simultaneous release of one of their tentpole blockbusters in Wonder Woman 1984 for theatres and their streamer HBO Max At least one national chain in AMC Theatres is on board AMC[...]