The Simpsons: Marge Calls Out Trump Advisor Over Kamala Harris Diss

Earlier this week, Joseph Biden selected Sen. Kamala Harris to be his Democratic vice-presidential running mate for the upcoming U.S. presidential election, making history together as well as making a strong societal statement of the direction this country needs to be moving in. So of course, a representative from the "Trump Ministry" responded with clearly-stated facts and adherence to the issues at hand, as one has come to expect. Just kidding! One of "The Orange One's" reps/legal advisors/enablers Jenna Ellis took to Twitter to make this highly intelligent and well-structured response to Biden and Harris appearing at an event together for the first time since the announcement was made: "Kamala sounds like Marge Simpson." What "Captain Karen" didn't realize is that Marge (voiced by brilliant voice actor Julie Kavner) is more than just a "stereotypical housewife" and has a legion of fans out there who don't appreciate her being used as a put-down.

The Simpsons' Marge has something to say (Image: FOXTV)
The Simpsons' Marge has something to say (Image: FOXTV)

When you spend your time supporting someone who's bragged to Billy Bush on tape about sexual assault, one has to wonder what puts Ellis in a position to judge anyone about anything. Also, not that it matters, but has Ellis ever even watched an episode of The Simpsons? Because the two don't even sound close to one another, is it possible that Ellis just thinks all voices sound alike?

But this is about Marge, who had more than enough of Ellis' abuse and chose to respond on Friday. In the following post, the real head of the Simpsons household directs her message to the person who should know better to let her (and Trump) know that as an "ordinary suburban housewife," she's feeling "disrespected" (translation: "pissed off") and that maybe Ellis should take the advice she gives Bart and Lisa: stop with the name-calling.

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