The Steven Spielberg Halo Series Is Still Going Forward

2122856-169_halo_4_video_review_x360_103112_gs1During the Xbox One reveal event, we heard that Steven Spielberg was going to be involved in bringing a Halo series to life. Last we heard it was going to air on Showtime, but since then things have been mostly silent. Interestingly, I was wondering if the series had died just this week.

Not is it seems.

At the TCA press tour, Showtime president David Nevins gave IGN an update on the show that is both encouraging and discouraging. When asked if Showtime are still working on it, he said:

It's still in development. Still in very active development.

He then continued, when asked when we could see it, Nevins said:

No time soon.

This is equally exciting and disheartening. I really am interested in seeing what the team can do with this. If done right, there is no doubt a great Halo TV show waiting to be made.

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