The Summer I Turned Pretty: Jenny Han's YA Series Heads To Amazon

Amazon has seen the success of Jenny Han's work and has decided recently to acquire the rights to adapt her "The Summer I Turned Pretty" trilogy as a series.  Wiip and Amazon Studios will be coming together to produce the show with executive production led by Gabrielle Stanton, who will also take part as a co-showrunner with Han. The series is aimed to be done in eight parts based on the three books within the YA series. Stanton has previously worked on The Flash and Haven as an executive producer. The pilot has already been written by Han herself, making everything ready to start going forward for the team behind the adaptation.

The Summer I Turned Pretty will involve the story of a girl who goes by the name "Belly" and her life-long love of summertime. Things get complicated as topics of love/love-triangles, female friendships, and heartbreak becomes more involved in Belly's life. A good adaptation on a series of summer loves and struggles of growing up, and inner growth may be what we all need as this year goes forward. The series of books first began back in 2013, published by Simon and Schuster. Amazon appears excited to work with Han's style of storytelling, that voice that became such an instant hit with her films with Netflix.

The Summer I Turned Pretty: Jenny Han's YA Series Heads To Amazon
Jenny Han's Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy YA novel series. Source: Simon and Schuster photo by Janelle Bendycki

The format of a television series is what appears to work for Amazon Studios and what could be great going forward with works like this and adaptations in general. The characters are important to Han based on past discussions, they hold a great place in the author's heart, and we're excited to see what comes from the Amazon partnership. Let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed the book series and what you hope for from the upcoming show!

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