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Housebroken: FOX's Upcoming Adult Animated Series Releases Teasers
There's a new series coming to FOX's "Animation Domination" lineup alongside classics like Bob's Burgers and newcomers like The Great North This show is titled Housebroken and it has already released a few teasers revealing characters ahead of its' May 31st premiere date These teasers are small glances at some of the pets the audience should be expecting to meet, and[...]
Tell Me Your Secrets: Amazon Releases Trailer For New Thriller Series
Amazon is turning up the heat on their original videos with a new series, Tell Me Your Secrets The thrilling new show has recently come out with a trailer ahead of the February premiere The plot revolves around three different individuals torn between being victims and perpetrators The leads include Lily Rabe, Hamish Linklater, and Amy Brennan as[...]
Netflix Reveals A Trailer For A New Series 'Kid Cosmic'
From the creative force behind The Powerpuff Girls comes the new series, Kid Cosmic, about an imaginative young boy and the powers he discovers in himself and others Netflix picked up the series created by Craig McCracken, which also has The Powerpuff Girls writer Lauren Faust on board Along with writing for the animated series from[...]
'The Great North' Gives Us Another Teaser Ahead Of A February
From the producers of Bob's Burgers, comes a new series in February 2021 called The Great North that follows the Tobin family in Alaska A recent teaser trailer has arrived giving us a taste of what's to come with the quirky lives of this Tobin family that includes a single father, Beef Tobin, voiced by Nick Offerman[...]
The New Series 'The Texanist' Will Star Thomas Haden Church
But audiences have not had the opportunity to see this actor in the lead role of series in some time, if at all, and that soon will become reality through a new series titled, The Texanist FOX has announced the multi-camera comedy to be lead by Church on its network. Thomas Haden Church from Divorce (Image: HBO) The[...]