The Texanist: Thomas Haden Church Tapped to Lead FOX Comedy Series

If you're the rare tv show viewer or movie nostalgia lover like myself, the name Thomas Haden Church will bring memories of George of The Jungle or his character on Wings. But audiences have not had the opportunity to see this actor in the lead role of series in some time, if at all, and that soon will become reality through a new series titled, The Texanist. FOX has announced the multi-camera comedy to be lead by Church on its network.

The Texanist
Thomas Haden Church from Divorce (Image: HBO)

The inspiration for the series comes from Texas itself, through a longtime running Texas Monthly column by journalist David Courtney. The column explores dispensing advice to long life Texans and newcomers to the state. The changing landscape of Texas life today will become the main theme of the comedy series, where Thomas Haden Church's character, Dave, will navigate these changes from episode to episode.


The New Series 'The Texanist' Will Star Thomas Haden Church
Art by Zohar Lazar for the Texanist Column. Source: Texas Monthly

The opening and changing of opinion, or general outlook on Texas life, is something very relevant to today's world. This series will be written by Rob Long, whose work can be seen on past shows such as Cheers. Seeing Long's writing alongside the acting talents of Haden Church in The Texanist will a change of scenery from the dramatic role Church has recently alongside Sarah Jessica Parker in HBO's Divorce. If the series is to stick on the network, making it past the hoops and jumps of pilots and the graves of past sitcoms, it might become a staple and significant modern work for Church's career. Audiences will have to wait though, not only because of productions halted and moved around by the pandemic's hold on schedules, but also because nothing is surely greenlit just yet. Let us know if you're looking forward to a series like The Texanist in the comments below!

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