Them Teasers: Amazon's Horror Anthology Cultivates New Levels of Fear

Nothing like a good teaser trailer to get the interest going for a new series and Them, Amazon's upcoming horror anthology, has provided future viewers with enough fear to last till the premiere on April 9. Little Marvin, the main mind behind the development of the series, has found a unique voice for horror and the anthology that aims to find a home with Amazon Prime Video. Them will be surrounding a black family's story as they make the bid move west to California in the 1950s. The teasers have been giving us glimpses of what this move will bring for not only the family as a whole but what it may do to individual members of the family itself.

Them: Amazon's Horror Anthology Cultivates Fear With New Teasers
"Painted White" teaser trailer image. Source: Amazon

With the latest teaser, "Can't You See Her?", the trope of creepy kids seeing random things in corners like your cat does in the middle of the night for no reason is only the first glimpse we get of family dynamics. The mother, Lucky Emory, played by Deborah Ayorinde, is confronted by scenes of terror with a mix of joyous family-centered moments via a vision from this figure in the basement. Each teaser has brought us these short but memorable moments.

Another teaser, uploaded before this most recent one, features the older daughter Ruby Emory, played by the fantastic Shahadi Wright Joseph who was in films such as Us and The Lion King, and the visions we get from this moment of her in the basement. The significance of props and placement in these teasers just shows us how much detail we might see from this anthology. The future for horror and streaming looks to be prosperous and perfectly scary with the addition of Them in the Amazon catalog. Let us know in the comments if you have a favorite Them teaser and if you're excited about the premiere!

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