There's Just One Problem with The Revival's New Tag Team Name

The former WWE tag team formerly known as The Revival have released a teaser video all but confirming that their new tag team will be called The Revolt. The former Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson are now going by the names Cash Wheeler and Dax Hartwood, and they've been teasing a career resurgence now that they've broken free of control by their former employers.

But there's just one problem. As it turns out, there's already an established tag team on the indie wrestling scene called The Revolt. Caleb Konley and Zane Riley are from the same area as The Revival, thought it's unclear whether the former WWE stars knew of them. And it looks like The Revival may have just taken their name, with a trademark for Fear the Revolt by the pair filed.

The original team, as you can probably imagine, are not too thrilled.

The Revival back during their Raw days, courtesy of WWE.
The Revival back during their Raw days, courtesy of WWE.

Ironically, The Revival have been a symbol of corporate oppression, something they're clearly looking to capitalize on with The Revolt name. The Revival had been trying to obtain a release from WWE for years ever since leaving NXT for the main roster due to not feeling like they're used effectively, finally getting it this month ahead of the coronavirus layoffs. The two would rather practice their craft outside of WWE with creative freedom than collect a steady paycheck while being held back, which is an admirable quality. But now The Revival potentially find themselves on the other side, the big name corporate wrestlers taking a name from an indie team. How will they react? Perhaps they can stick to the initials FTR and pretend it never happened. We'll have to wait and see… probably until the team show up in AEW. Are you listening, Tony Khan?

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