WWE Has Finally Granted The Revival a Release From Their Contracts

After years of rumors that the popular tag team were unhappy on WWE's main roster, the company finally released Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, known by their tag team name The Revival, from their contracts on Friday. Dawson and Wilder have reportedly asked WWE to release them multiple times, but the most recent was in January. WWE fought hard to keep the wrestlers on their roster, giving them runs with the tag team championships and offering big money contracts. However, both men have expressed a desire for creative fulfillment over money.

"Effective today, Friday April 10, 2020, WWE and The Revival have agreed on their immediate release from WWE. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors," WWE's statement read. The tag team could be subject to WWE's standard 90-day no-compete cause, which would prevent them from appearing on television for another wrestling company until July. After that, they could potentially appear on Impact Wrestling or AEW Dynamite. However, wrestling access journalist Ryan Satin, who is part of WWE's media arm as a commentator on WWE Backstage, tweeted, "FYI – I've confirmed with sources that The Revival do not have a no compete clause and are free to work wherever now, hence the 'immediate release' wording from WWE."

The Revival has something to get off its chest on Raw, courtesy of WWE.
The Revival has something to get off its chest on Raw, courtesy of WWE.

Prior to the announcement, Dawson tweeted, "Guys, for shoot, even if you called us boring or said we have dad bods or no charisma or can't cut a promo, I love all of y'all. Professional Wrestling has always been my dream. Y'all made it possible." The pair have been lauded for their commitment to an old school approach to tag-team wrestling. However, many fans and wrestlers feel that WWE does not treat tag team wrestling as important. But with the rise of competition from AEW, WWE has seemingly tried its best to sign and keep signed any available talent, if for no other reason than to prevent them from signing with their competitors.

The Revival Could Be Dynamite-Bound

The Revival and AEW co-founders The Young Bucks, Nick and Matt Jackson, have frequently teased a rivalry on social media. The Young Bucks' flashy, spot-filled style is just about as polar opposite to The Revival's fundamental style as any two styles could possibly be. However, one of the foundational principles of AEW is that tag team wrestling will be taken seriously, and the division has certainly gotten a lot of spotlight on AEW Dynamite. It seems like a given that Dawson and Wilder will end up in the company.

AEW's fans would surely appreciate the addition of The Revival to the roster. They'd also likely be appreciated by AEW announcer Jim Ross, who sometimes seems annoyed by the more modern style of most of the company's talent. That same quality would also add some variety to AEW's tag-team division. And lets not forget about the potential for fresh matches and rivalries. Most importantly though, wrestlers should be able to find creative fulfillment if they so desire, and with all of the options for employment in the current wrestling scene, that's easier than it has been in decades, provided you can get out of that contract.

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