Titans Season 4 Ep. 4 "Super Super Mart" Images: Strange Bedfellows

Okay, by now? We're sure you know how we work things around here. Because the latest episode of HBO Max's DC's Titans Season 4 is only a day old, we're going to hold off on any spoilers other than what you can gather from the preview images that were released for next week's episode, S04E04 "Super Super Mart." We're thinking that's pretty important because when you see the preview images in a minute (like the one below), you're obviously going to have some questions. Like, why is Joseph Morgan's Sebastian Sanger hanging out with our heroes? And that's just the first question/concern that comes to mind…

Image: HBO Max

A Preview of HBO Max's Titans, S04E04 "Super Super Mart"

For a look at what's to come with next week's episode of HBO Max's Titans, S04E04 "Super Mart Mart" (written by Tom Pabst), we have new preview images for all of you to speculate over. Following that, we have a look at the promo released that offers more clues about the season:

And just in case you need a refresher on what's to come this season, here's a look back at the season episode titles rundown that was released last month:

Image: HBO Max

In the following featurette, the cast and creative team behind the streaming series discuss the team's road trip to Metropolis and how it impacts our heroes moving forward throughout the remainder of the season. A personal highlight? We're big fans of how S.T.A.R. Labs was portrayed- check it out for yourselves below:

As the first part inches ever-so-closer to its end, here's a look back at the original official trailer for the fourth season of HBO Max's Titans:

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