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Tony Khan Announces WrestleDream, New AEW PPV Honoring Antonio Inoki

Seismic wrestling news, comrades! El Presidente weighs in on AEW's tribute to Antonio Inoki with WrestleDream, a new PPV in October.

Buenas tardes, comrades! It is I, El Presidente, your fearless leader, reporting to you from my solid gold submersible yacht anchored just outside Seattle, Washington – deep into enemy CIA territory. But fear not, my loyal subjects, for I am not here for international espionage. No, I am here for something much more important: professional wrestling. And today, I bring you world-altering news straight from the mouth of Tony Khan himself, announced at the AEW All In's post-show media scrum. You could say this news is a WrestleDream come true.

Tony Khan announces AEW WrestleDream at the All In Press Conference
Tony Khan announces AEW WrestleDream at the All In Press Conference

Breaking news, comrades! This fall, a revolutionary moment in wrestling history is upon us as AEW presents WrestleDream. This new PPV is not just a tribute to our fallen comrade Antonio Inoki, who departed to the big ring in the sky just last year, but also an opportunity for us all to indulge in the sheer spectacle, the raw energy, the unbridled capitalism that is American professional wrestling. I confess, there's something beautiful about watching muscular men and women in sparkling underwear suplexing each other on live television while thousands cheer them on.

But let us return to the matter at hand! WrestleDream will be held Sunday, October 1st, in Seattle, and will serve as a fitting tribute to Antonio Inoki, a man whose commitment to the spirit of competition was unparalleled, and who passed away last year on that very date. Additionally, Khan and company have gone above and beyond, by confirming Full Gear for Saturday, November 18th, at the Los Angeles Forum. My comrades, I can already smell the mandarin oranges and the Hollywood dreams!

Khan made it abundantly clear that he shares the same sentiments as El Presidente himself. In a soul-stirring spiel, he expressed how he was seduced at a young age by the sight of Japanese stars on WCW, and dreams of rekindling that flame.

"We created real competition," the brave comrade declared, "We had 81,035 paid tickets sold today."

However, what really caught my esteemed ears was his subtle, delicious hint that he's deep in talks with NJPW about the possibility of their brightest stars gracing the WrestleDream ring. And it seems NJPW is more than open to the idea. A trickle of sweat slid down my brow at the thought. The spirit of international solidarity fills my heart, and the socialist principles that lie at the core of it soothe my soul.

So, fellow wrestling enthusiasts, my loyal comrades, brace yourselves for a clash of Titans this fall. Prepare for a blowout tribute to a wrestling legend on the hallowed grounds of American professional wrestling. Pencil in the dates in your calendars, comrades, and keep those eyes peeled and glued to the show. AEW WrestleDream is coming, and El Presidente will be watching it like a great socialist commandeer.

As always, comrades, keep fighting for the people, keep supporting the redistribution of suplexes and submission holds, and long live the global wrestling community! Until next time, my friends, Viva la lucha!

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