Triple H to Open WWE Raw; Drew McIntyre to Cut Promo on Coronavirus

With the NCAA College Football National Championship game on tonight and their world champion, Drew McIntyre, out of action due to testing positive for COVID-19, WWE finds itself in a bit of a bind ahead of tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. A situation like this requires a creative solution. It requires thinking outside the box, trying something that hasn't been tried before. The same old solutions won't work. You can't just expect to… expect to…

What's that? They're gonna bring back an attitude era star to save the day, the same solution they use for every problem? God damn it.

WWE executive Triple H knows COVID-19 is all about The Game and how you play it.
WWE executive Triple H knows COVID-19 is all about The Game and how you play it.

So Triple H will kick off Raw with a promo tonight as WWE scrambles to figure out a show when their world champion, also originally scheduled for the main event, has to stay at home and quarantine. Does this mean that Triple H will step in the ring with Randy Orton to settle the score for the legends who Orton bullied last week, including Triple H's wrestledad, Ric Flair? That remains to be seen. This is all WWE's announcement says:

Triple H will return to the red brand tonight to kick off tonight's Raw.

What will The Game have to say following a shocking Raw Legends Night?

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But WWE has another way to make COVID-19 lemonade out of COVID-19 lemons. WWE has announced that Drew McIntyre will speak for the first time since testing positive for COVID-19, essentially making an angle out of the whole thing. Another announcement:

With the announcement of the WWE champion testing positive for COVID-19, we can confirm Drew McIntyre will make his first comments tonight on Raw.


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