Victory Road Results – Dashwood Beats Grace in Photo Finish

Welcome to Bleeding Cool's live Impact Wrestling Victory Road coverage. We're keeping tabs on this Impact Plus special event so you can continue obsessively watching cable news, waiting for the president to die.

Kaleb with a K, is in the ring to introduce Tenille Dashwood in his unique, douchey way. Dashwood comes out to the ring. Jordynne Grace comes out, and it's time for these two to, hopefully, finally settle their differences in the fourth match of Victory Road.

Tenille Dashwood faces Jordynne Grace at Impact Wrestling's Victory Road event.
Tenille Dashwood faces Jordynne Grace at Impact Wrestling's Victory Road event.

Victory Road Results Part 4 – Tenille Dashwood vs. Jordynne Grace

  • The story here is that Grace lost the Knockouts Championship against Deonna Purrazzo after a very brief reign, and shortly thereafter, Dashwood returned to Impact and talked some trash. That caused Jordynne to focus on going after Dashwood, whose new gimmick is that she's a crappy Instagram model with a personal photographer, Kaleb. It's a goofy gimmick, but it does the job of making Dashwood come off as obnoxious.
  • Gracy and Dashwood have fought twice on Impact, with Dashwood winning the first one and Grace winning the second. Whoever wins this third match, presumably, wins the feud.
  • This is the hardest-hitting match of the night so far, even with Dashwood posing for photos the entire time she's wrestling. She even stops to look at the photos and mock Grace with Kaleb.
  • Heh. At one point, we get a good camera shot of Kaleb's phone, and it's got a big nasty crack in it. Hey, this isn't WWE, where they can just buy someone a new phone prop! They've got a budget in Impact, and they spent most of it on the strobe-flashing Victory Road logo at the top of the stage.
  • This match is all Dashwood, who seems to have Grace's number even while simultaneously not really taking the match very seriously.
  • Kaleb, when Grace makes a comeback and slams Dashwood: "You're ruining the shot!" I think that right there sold me on this entire gimmick.
  • Eventually, as you'd expect, Dashwood pays for her shenanigans, and Grace gets the upper hand. But while Grace is choking Dashwood out, Kaleb distracts the ref. Dashwood rolls up Grace and gets a two-count, then hits the Spotlight Kick for the victory.

Man, who did Jordynne Grace piss off backstage? First, her Knockouts Championship run lasts like two weeks, and then she loses a feud to someone more interested in taking photos than wrestling a match?

Gia Miller talks to the Motor City Machine Guns backstage about their upcoming four-way match at Bound for Glory, the next PPV after Victory Road, happening in three weeks. But first, tonight at Victory Road, they're gonna have a four-way singles match: Ace Austin, Josh Alexander, Karl Anderson, and Alex Shelley.

But that's for later tonight. So keep checking back on Bleeding Cool for the next part of our Impact Wrestling Victory Road coverage, and that 4-way later.

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