Victory Road Results – Heath Earns Himself a Job Offer at Impact

Victory Road, an Impact Plus special, continues as does Bleeding Cool's live results and analysis. The show started off shaky with technical difficulties, but things have gotten back on track, and we've seen some good matches tonight too, though all the big matches seem to be saved for the end of the night. And the end of the night isn't here yet.

Reno Scum comes to the ring for an unsanctioned match against Rhino and Heath, who lost his last name in the divorce with WWE. Rhino and Heath head to the ring for the fifth match of Victory Road.

Rhino teams with Heath to take on Reno Scum at Impact Wrestling Victory Road
Rhino teams with Heath to take on Reno Scum at Impact Wrestling Victory Road.

Victory Road Results Part 5 – Reno Scum vs. Rhino and Heath

  • The story here is that Heath has been trying to get a job at Impact, but for some reason, Impact doesn't want to hire him even though they'll normally pretty much hire anyone WWE gets rid of. So Heath, along with his old friend Rhino, has been doing his best to change Scott D'Amore's mind, which has consisted of "buying commercials" on Impact to try to get himself to trend on Twitter, which costs money. To pay for it, he and Rhino stole Hernandez's arm wrestling money, and Hernandez then sicced Reno Scum on them. Rhino and Heath begged for a match, and D'Amore granted it… unsanctioned, of course… here at Victory Road.
  • Reno Scum's gimmick is that they are mall punks from the 1990s, which is frankly kind of embarrassing for men their age.
  • Rhino is past his prime, and Heath spent a long time getting ground down by the WWE machine, but they have great chemistry together that negates a lot of their individual flaws.
  • This is a pretty typical tag team match, designed to showcase Heath and Rhino. Reno Scum use traditional heel tag team tactics while Heath takes a beating.
  • Heath gets the hot tag to Rhino eventually, and Rhino kicks some mall punk ass for a bit but gets overwhelmed by numbers.
  • But when things look grim for Rhino, Heath tags himself in. Chaos breaks out. The one with the mohawk eats a gore from Rhino. The one with a bum flap eats a Wake Up Call from Heath, and that's the end.

Except for the angle that Heath doesn't actually work at Impact and so it's "special" to see him wrestle, this could otherwise have been.

Heath and Rhino run into Scott D'Amore backstage after the match. He was impressed with their performance, and Heath is great, but he still doesn't work here. But D'Amore says Heath has been showing perseverance, and the hashtag thing was a good idea, so he invites Heath to show up on Tuesday night to sit down with D'Amore and work out a deal.

Keep checking back on the Bleeding Cool front page because we're dedicated to bringing you live results and analysis from Impact Wrestling Victory Road all night.

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