Waiting on the Fate of Gotham – What Lethal Weapon's Renewal Means

Yesterday the reports we were hearing said that Fox was down to choosing between Lethal Weapon and Gotham for renewal, and the decision was likely going to come down to whether or not they could cast a new lead after firing Clayne Crawford. A lot of Fox's bubble series, that would be picked up last year, are getting axed because of the networks new Football deal that will take up a thirty hours of programming in the fall. And with Thursday night now being slotted for the NFL, Gotham doesn't have a home. And today's announcement of Seann William Scott being cast and Lethal Weapon getting a third season pick up doesn't bode well for Gotham.

Jim Gordon Gotham

But all hope is not lost as the talk now is the series may be renewed for a truncated 13-episode series. The main reason for this is that the season ends on the 88th episode, so one more season would get it to 100 episodes, the mark for syndication. This would be a big thing for Warner Bros and they could offer a discount on the deal to make sure it happens, or if Fox passes they could shop it around to find at least a one season home for the series.

At this point, with how they plan on ending the fourth season, I think the Gotham team deserves to be able to wrap up the story and get Bruce Wayne to being Batman before it goes off into television history. Hopefully Fox, or someone else, will give them the chance.

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