WandaVision: The Strucker Watch Will Always Make Time for You

With the third episode of Disney+ and Marvel Studios' Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen-starring WandaVision hitting streaming screens tomorrow, viewers are looking forward to what clues that episode' "commercial" has to offer. Before we get those answers, we have the newly-released "commercial" from the second episode to dissect. So of course, this means we have to throw on the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign- and we'll meet you after the spoiler buffer image below.

WandaVision (Image: screencap)

Picking up from the first episode's ToastMate 2000 commercial, the second episode offers a look at the Struker Watch ("Strucker: He'll make time for you.")- with our same two actors from the previous commercial, and with both diving deep into the "time" theme and countdown concept that adds to the idea that our couple is in the midst of a self-created reality that's as stable as that planet in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

The commercial begins with our commercial couple going through the motions of getting ready for a formal event, as the voiceover explains that the two most important "accessories" (wow) a man can have is his wife and his Strucker watch. Okay, this is where we can unpack some things. Viewers get a close-up of the watch on two occasions: during the first, the hands point at 9 and 2 (approx. 9:10); and during our second look, the hands point at 3 and 8 (approx. 2:42". The watch itself also displays some ten-tons hints, with "Strucker, Swiss Made, Hydra 1000M" on the faceplate along with the Hydra logo. And that's where this ad's version of the ticking countdown begins, rapidly increasing as the voiceover announcer offers the watch's slogan from above.

The Hydra and Strucker references are easy to connect, with Thomas Kretschmann's Hydra big-bad being the one responsible for Wanda and her brother Pietro (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) realizing their powered-potential through some horrific experimentation- only to be handled pretty definitively by Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron. But are we buying Hydra as the one behind all of this? Nope, but we are down to this possibility. Our first thought is that this is Wanda going off the deep end and trying to create a "happily ever after" for her and Vision- not realizing the damage it's doing to realities across the multiverse. So what we have is S.W.O.R.D. moving in to try to "dial back" Wanda without setting her off. With that said, we have this feeling that Wanda's being purposefully set up and that the couple is being manipulated- but by who? If I had to choose, I would actually lean more towards S.W.O.R.D. than Hydra- but it feels like someone or something else is in play. Mephisto? Dr. Strange trying to help Wanda work through the stages of grief without going all-Thanos on everyone? The theories are out there, and it looks like we'll have a few more clues waiting for us on Friday when the third episode of WandaVision premieres on Disney+.

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