Woo Woo Woo: AEW Dynamite Beats NXT as Zack Ryder Debuts

AEW Dynamite once again topped WWE NXT in both overall viewership and the crucial 18-49 demographic, the latest numbers from Showbuzz Daily reveal. AEW was ranked 6th for the night on cable, down a spot from last week, while NXT was ranked 28th, up seven spots from last week's rankings. NXT also closed the gap on Dynamite in both demo rating and viewership.

Don't pout, Cody. AEW Dynamite beat NXT in the ratings last night. [Credit: AEW]
Don't pout, Cody. AEW Dynamite beat NXT in the ratings last night. [Credit: AEW]

AEW Dynamite vs. WWE NXT Ratings Breakdown

AEW Dynamite scored a .30 in the 18-49 demo, down from last week's .32 but still up from the recent average. The show had 773,000 viewers, down from last week's massive 849,000 and also slightly lower than than 778,000 Dynamite had two weeks ago. On the other hand, NXT rebounded from a particularly bad week last week to score a .18 rating in the demo, up from .17, and 707,000 viewers, up from 633,000.

The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So

When I saw that NXT lost to Dynamite again this week, I was obviously really distraught. Keighleyanne and I were eating an early dinner together when I got the alert on my phone, and I threw my plate of spaghetti at the wall. While Keighleyanne was cleaning it up, she asked me what was wrong and I explained that AEW beat NXT in the ratings again, and she just rolled her eyes so I knew she was just as frustrated by it as I was.

But after Keighleyanne finished cleaning up and got me a new plate of spaghetti, I got to thinking. AEW had two former WWE stars debut on Dynamite last night: Matt Cardona, formerly known as Zack Ryder, and Ariane Andrew, formerly known as Cameron. So really, if you think about it, it's like WWE won after all since AEW used former WWE talent to get the victory. I wanted to tell Keighleyanne the good news, but she had already packed a bag to go stay at her sister's for the night. I guess her sister really wanted to see her because it was a last-minute thing. Anyway, The Chadster is happy to say that, even though WWE lost, they still won last night.

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