Wrestling Biz Takes Bite Out of Renee Young's Yorkshire Puddings

Following up on her corn soup that captivated the wrestling industry last weekend, Renee Young took to Twitter Friday to announce plans to make Yorkshire puddings. The delightful, savory puddings, baked in the drippings of a roast, are an English classic, and the wrestling business was immediately abuzz with talk of Young's puddings as soon as she tweeted about them. Once again, wrestlers from across the industry in various promotions responded as Young's culinary exploits seem to be the one thing capable of bridging cross-promotional divides.

Yorkshire Pudding, England. By Vaternam
Yorkshire Pudding, England. By Vaternam

"Okay. So. Yorkshire pudding. You guys in?" Young tweeted on Frida, posting a gif of Yorkshire puddings rising in a muffin tin. "Love em!" responded Impact Wrestling's Joey Ryan, to which Young replied, "My dude!! I'm gonna make some this week. Carbs n gravy." NJPW star Will Ospreay also chimed in, writing, "Made them yesterday. If you're nice I'll give you my mums secret recipe for the greatest puddings of all time." Young was on board with this offer, replying, "🙏🏻🙏🏻 please give me that English mum recipe!"

One person who is not a fan of Yorkshire puddings is SoCal Val, who tweeted, "Living in England for over 3 years still hasn't warmed me up to these. The consistency just baffles me! Chewy and flaky but HOLLOW? No bro, no!" This prompted backlash from Stu Bennett, who delivered some bad news: "Pathetic tweet, Val." Young agreed with Bennett, tweeting, "Stu gets it!" Bennett replied, "Shaking with anger tbh."

AEW announcer Jim Ross once again expressed interest in dinner at Young's house, quoting her tweet to write, "Dang…I misplaced my invite! 🤠" Young invited Ross over at a future date once she's perfected the entire Sunday Roast ensemble. "When i do a Sunday roast, you're coming over! I gotta perfect it before i feed it to others haha." Hopefully Young perfects the meal soon, as her cooking is currently the hottest angle in wrestling and she'll want to capitalize on that momentum.

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