WWE Backstage Canceled Again

In case anyone didn't get the message the first time, WWE has canceled WWE Backstage for a second time, making sure once and for all that the show once hosted by Renee Paquette and featuring CM Punk is really and truly totally canceled for good. Even more insultingly, in the modern-day version of the 1990s standard of Eric Bischoff firing you via Fed-Ex, WWE canceled WWE Backstage the second time around with a tweet.

The official logo for WWE Backstage.
The official logo for WWE Backstage.

"Tonight, FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN shifts to FS1, followed by a special edition of TALKING SMACK," the tweet from the Fox Sports PR account revealed. Previously, it was a special episode of WWE Backstage that was set to follow tonight's Smackdown episode, which has been pushed to FS1 to make room for the World Series, the WrestleMania of Baseball. No word on whether the reason WWE Backstage was canceled for the second time just so that WWE doesn't need to feature correspondent Ryan Satin on television, but just in case that was part of the reason, we offer the company our sincere gratitude on behalf of viewers everywhere.

Launching as part of WWE's move to Fox back when the network didn't realize they had purchased a ratings lemon in acquiring the rights to the perpetually declining pro wrestling franchise, WWE Backstage was originally canceled back in June. However, WWE revealed earlier this week that the show would make a special return, set to air after tonight's episode of Smackdown on FS1. But that, it seems, was merely a ruse, an excuse to get the show back on the docket purely so that it could be canceled a second time, making the show officially double canceled, which is mathematically twice as canceled as it was when it was canceled only one time.

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