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CM Punk returns to wrestling at AEW Rampage: The First Dance [Photo: All Elite Wrestling]
Hell, at last I checked, there can at least be respect when it comes to ROH, right fans? CM Punk on WWE Backstage, courtesy of WWE. The fact is when wrestlers AND fans have options, the entire industry thrives Sure, to expect Punk to take the high road would have been unrealistic, because he is who he[...]
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One of the few great ideas to come from WWE in this current era was WWE Backstage Unfortunately, it was hampered by its own creators The idea was pretty sound on paper: A sports-related talk show that plays much like shows such as First Take on ESPN and The NFL Today on CBS, giving diehard[...]
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In case anyone didn't get the message the first time, WWE has canceled WWE Backstage for a second time, making sure once and for all that the show once hosted by Renee Paquette and featuring CM Punk is really and truly totally canceled for good Even more insultingly, in the modern-day version of the 1990s[...]
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WWE is bringing back WWE Backstage, at least for one special episode, to air on FS1 following Smackdown this week Smackdown itself has been moved off Fox and onto FS1 to make way for the World Series, an annual event that's like the WrestleMania of baseball but shorter Game three of the World Series rudely[...]
CM Punk makes his surprise debut on WWE Backstage | WWE BACKSTAGE | WWE ON FOX
WWE Backstage has been effectively canceled by Fox Small Business Journal's John Ourand first reported that the show would no longer be produced weekly on Monday evening However, a report from Mike Johnson at PWInsider later shed more light on WWE's plans.  Johnson says WWE told talent that the show is done for now and[...]
CM Punk on Backstage, courtesy of WWE.
Though WWE Backstage isn't even a year old, and Punk's appearances on the show are kept sporadic, it seems the magic has worn off, and people just aren't tuning in to see CM Punk anymore Tuesday's episode of WWE Backstage featured an appearance by Punk, but it failed to pop a rating In fact, ratings[...]
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WWE Backstage once again failed to make the top 150 shows and, presumably, did not score a higher rating than any reruns of Monk. The official logo for the WWE. The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So Yesterday, when I published my excellent and unbiased report on WWE's Monday Night Raw ratings, I got a lot of hate[...]
CM Punk makes his surprise debut on WWE Backstage | WWE BACKSTAGE | WWE ON FOX
WWE Backstage on FS1 failed to chart at all on the Top 150 cable shows on Tuesday, according to a ratings chart released by Showbiz Daily And yeah, that's not great But there's a bright side to this thing, and I'm going to do my best to find it. The official logo for the WWE. The Bright[...]
Because of travel restrictions, WWE Backstage hosts Renee Young, Booker T, and Xavier Woods ran this week's episode from their respective homes In the middle of discussing the upcoming RAW Women's Championship match between Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler (still) scheduled for WrestleMania 36 (as of this writing). During the conversation, the sound of a small[...]
CM Punk Returns To WWE... "WWE Backstage" That Is
WWE dropped their own kind of pipe bomb this week as the one and only CM Punk made his return… as a commentator on WWE Backstage One of the pro-wrestling internet's worst kept secrets this year came from an audition Punk had for the show over a month ago as WWE was preparing to head[...]