WWE Clash of Champions: Drew McIntyre Retains After a LOT of Help

Match six at the Clash of Champions in the ThunderDome was the long-awaited ambulance match between Randy Orton and current WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre. The two men have gone back and forth relentlessly for the past few weeks, with Orton breaking Drew's jaw who then responded in kind with THREE CLAYMORE KICKS IN A SINGLE NIGHT. Since both men have routinely sent the other to the hospital, Drew recommended that the only way to conclude this rivalry was to have a match that would only end when one sent the other to the hospital. Drew has held onto his title this past year with admirable dignity, having endured COVID taking his moment in true limelight only to deal with the Legend Killer bringing a steel chair down on his already injured jaw. Randy Orton, on the other hand, has spent this year as the dark villain of the WWE, seeming to only appear when it was time to either spear wives or destroy dreams of returning wrestlers. Even though he recently experienced an upset against his match at the PayBack PPV against fan-favorite Keith Lee, Orton did not become the "Legend Killer" for no reason. It seems he has always thrived against those at the top, meaning that many have predicted McIntyre is in very real danger during this showdown.

Randy Orton and current WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, WWE Clash of the Champions key art (Image: WWE)
Randy Orton and current WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, WWE Clash of the Champions key art (Image: WWE)

The match began in an icy stare-down, the hate between the men was clearly palpable. There was no flair or smack talk, only two beasts waiting to get their claws in one another. With one long look at his title, Drew handed his belt to the ref and began the fight. He did come out with a tenacious amount of blows, relentlessly bombing Orton in a rainfall of fists. The disdain was clear on Drew's face, refusing to allow Orton any momentum at the beginning of the match.

Orton wasted no opportunity, however, and took advantage of a moment's lack of focus on Drew's behalf, and landed a sinister low blow on the defending champ. His disgust for McIntyre was completely sinister but his victim was saved as none other than the Big Show appeared at the last minute and dragged Orton out of the ring before he could finish Drew off. McIntyre wisely took advantage of the help and threw Orton into the barrage, followed by a barrage of assaulting blows against the legend killer. All of these blows being legal, and the only stipulation of the match is that one man must leave via ambulance.

Drew continued to lead Orton around the outside of the ring like a dog, throwing him into the barricades and alternating his devastating launches with hellacious blows. It seemed like it was the end after Drew threw Orton into the ambulance and raining the steel chair down onto his back. The champ got too cocky, however, and during his verbal taunting of Orton, he was met in kind with a crutch to the gut and a following chair to the face. Even though both men fought their way into the back of the ambulance, neither was incapacitated enough to actually end the match and Orton managed to fend off Drew's blows long enough to shift momentum his way once more.

It's hard to wonder who exactly is watching over Randy Orton, but clearly, there is some sort of divine intervention protecting the former champion as he barely managed to dodge Drew's claymore kick which was powerful enough to take the door clean off the ambulance. As a result of this devastatingly missed kick, Drew obviously injured his knee as he limped after his opponent to the backstage area of the ThunderDome. Before this match could get any more insane, an enraged Christian descended straight into the match like an angel from heaven sustaining one long note and hammered down on Orton like the fist of an angry God. Orton clearly made too many enemies this year as Drew personified all the anger of the wrongs that the Legend Killer manifested.

At this point in the match, it was hard to cheer for anyone but Drew even after Orton slammed him into the windshield of the ambulance, bouncing his head off the glass like a basketball. Orton clearly knew how to take advantage of his surroundings, however, with Drew being disappointingly slow to attack even after the help of Christian. However, his previous transgressions caught up to Orton as Shawn Michaels appeared out of nowhere and kicked him so hard that he fell off the top of the ambulance and slapped on the ground like a pancake. Drew couldn't take advantage of all the help though and Orton still landed a successful RKO on the WWE Champion.

Orton did nearly get the doors closed on McIntyre and ending the match, but Drew popped his hand out of his grave like a zombie and emerged to fight for his belt once more. This time, McIntyre landed a claymore powerful enough to disable Orton, but even after getting his opponent into the ambulance, the enraged champion was not satisfied. At this point, Drew took the match personally and delivered a final devastating kick to Orton before defiantly slamming the doors of the ambulance closed and ending the match. Although well deserved in retaining the title, there is no way Orton will let these transgressions against him slide and will more likely than not rain hell on the world of the WWE in the upcoming weeks.

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