WWE Hell in a Cell: Randy Orton Ends Drew's Reign With a Brutal RKO

The conclusion for Hell in a Cell 2020 encompassed the long-reigning feud between Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton.  Although Orton was coming off the harsh loss at Clash of Champions, he promised an end to their vendetta in an arena he may have the upper hand in a cell match.  With this being Drew's first introduction into the arena and with him being out of reach from any more help from the likes of Christian or Shawn Michaels, it seemed like he may be at a disadvantage at the top of the match.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 key art (Image: WWE)
WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 key art (Image: WWE)

Already familiar with Orton's shenanigans, however, McIntyre interrupted the former's attempt at a sneak attack during Drew's walkout. The two men kicked off their fight outside the cell and unofficially began Hell in a Cell's final match.  The brutality and the anger between the two were palpable, as endless waterfalls of hits and throws spun their way like a web outside the cage until Drew inevitably locked the two men in the Cell.

Clearly, McIntyre decided to take more inspiration out of Orton's book and clearly went into the match with a mindset of savagery – not only smashing his opponent's face into the cage but also screaming relentless criticisms at the fallen man.  Drew did go for the pin of the night, but Orton had enough fight to kick out at the two count despite the beating he had taken so far.  At this point, it almost seemed like McIntyre was a man possessed and refused Orton any momentum within the cage so far.  At this point, Orton was nearly unrecognizable, looking weak in comparison to the current WWE champion, writhing and crawling away from Drew's attacks like a bug.

Poised for his infamous Claymore, Drew finally made his first mistake in allowing Randy any time to catch his breath and retrieve a weapon in the form of a chair.  Ramming the metal into Drew's broken jaw, Randy took the opportunity for a moment of reprieve against the champion's fury and slammed his rival's head against the steel stairs in a taunting display of his bloodthirsty nature.  At this point, the cheers of the crowd were soon silenced in comparison to Drew's screams in pain, with Orton using the cries like his own personal battle song.

With assault after assault from Orton, Drew seemed too far gone at this point, as his foe pulled a table from beneath the ring and set it up methodically as a trap for the champion.  Not learning from earlier mistakes of allowing Drew to rally, Orton spent too much time in the theatrics of this Apex Predator schtick, and the Scottish Psychopath gets his hands on him enough to execute a brutal neck breaker on Orton.  Going blow for blow, Drew's largest display of power in the night was launching Orton into the table he himself priorly set up with enough force to erupt the biggest pop from the crowd of the night.  The only way to keep from an immediate loss, Orton landed a devastating low-blow on Drew, taking advantage of the break to cut himself out of the Cell and climb to the top of his cage, reminiscent of Mankind himself's insane strategy.

In pursuit of his rival, Drew followed Randy to the dangerous heights, and both men were immediately encompassed by the now higher stakes of their match.  Chasing each other in a cat and mouse game, the two men scurried down the side of the cage, slapping at the other in desperate attempts at dislodging one another's grips, with Orton successful at flinging McIntyre into the announcer's desk like a discarded tissue.  Bleeding from the mouth, Drew writhed in shock in the debris of his fall, with Orton looming over his squirming opponent, clearly reveling in his opponent's pain and injury.

Dragging Drew into the ring, Orton aimed to end the match in the only way he could: inside the cage.  Beating his fists against the ring, the Apex Predator clearly amped himself up for the RKO but Drew pulled into his last reserve and landed a centralized Claymore directly to the face of Randy Orton, heaving him from the ring and into the unforgiving floor of the ThunderDome.  In exchanged positions, it was now Randy writhing in pain and McIntyre setting up for his finishing move, but it was all a plow on the Legend Killer's part.  In fact, he was more than ready for Drew's Claymore kick and responded in kind with an RKO, ending the match in the same ruthlessness in which he started.  Securing his legacy as the second most awarded WWE champion in history, tied only with Triple H, Orton left the arena with his fourteenth belt held high and taunting a clearly broken McIntyre.

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