WWE Is Currently Testing A New Ring They Might Use Soon

As much as many things in the wrestling industry evolve and change over time, the one thing most synonymous with pro wrestling has remained relatively the same for nearly 100 years.  The wrestling ring, despite certain frills like apron designs and whether a company uses rubber-encased cable or taped ropes, hasn't evolved much in the history of the industry.  TNA tried innovating things with a six-sided ring, but virtually no other company adopted it.  Well, as it turns out, WWE might be trying out something pretty new and revolutionary in the history of the wrestling ring, even if it's not something we can see.

WWE Is Currently Testing A New Ring They Might Use Soon
WWE is reportedly testing a new wrestling ring down in NXT and they might be bringing it to the main roster soon, courtesy of WWE.

According to Ringsidenews.com, WWE has been testing a new ring design down in NXT since before Wrestlemania.  While the ring is esthetically the same and looks no different, this new ring has replaced the unforgiving solid wood planks that have always been used with a new composite plastic-like material that actually absorbs impact better and would be better for the wrestler's bodies as they take bumps on it.  They say that it's not a done deal that this ring will be a permanent addition for the WWE, but "it is a very high possibility."

While fans have always assumed the wrestling ring is bouncy like a trampoline and doesn't hurt to get slammed on, in actuality the rings that wrestling companies like WWE have always used are very hard and don't have a lot of "give" to them.  There's a reason that most, if not all wrestlers have serious back and spine problems as a result of being dumped onto a hard surface for the entirety of their careers.

So for WWE to be testing out a new material that will at least help relieve a bit of that impact is certainly a very positive thing.  We're at a point now where WWE has taken the physical wellness of their performers much more seriously than they have in the past and that can only be seen as a positive, as we've had to see far too many wrestlers suffer through the very real pain and injuries they have endured for our entertainment.

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